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  1. Very kind of you. It's not much compared to some of the other images on here! Wish I knew exactly where to improve/What to work on - is it general seeing conditions, camera settings etc. Think I need to read through a few tutorials/ Watch a few videos.
  2. Hello, This is my first try at planetary imaging, Jupiter was fairly low on the horizon, close to an almost-full moon. Managed to snap a video on sharpcap (1500 frames) between clouds and put this together using Autostakkert & Registax. I know it's not great, I'm pleased just to make out the bands! Equipment used: Celestron C6 XLT on HEQ5 and ZWO ASI120MC-S Camera. Any comments or criticisms on how to improve this image in the capture or processing would be greatly appreciated. Abdulrahman
  3. I just picked up a jump-starter 12V 17Ah battery as my Skywatcher Powerbank stopped working - left it uncharged for too long! Instead of making the mistake of buying another one for £100-odd, got one of these - https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter Can get the exact same one online from eBay for £40 instead of £50. Abdulrahman Alhasso
  4. Hello, For sale is my wee William Optics GT-81 including a few bits and bobs. 1. WO GT-81 F/5.9 Triplet APO (F/4.72 with included reducer). 2. WO GT-81 Bhatinov Mask 3. WO GT-81 Focal Reducer 4. Orion 9x50mm Correct Image Right-Angle Finder 5. WO Soft Carry Case 6. Canon EOS T2 Ring The scope comes with the original inspection checklist from first purchase. All the equipment is in perfect condition bar minor markings on the mounting shoe and one tiny dust spec on the objective lens which does not impact image quality or viewing at all. The reason for
  5. Hello all, For sale is my William Optics GT-81 including mounting bracket, carry handle and finder/guider rings and accessories. Included in this bundle are the following... 1. WO GT-81 (Checked & Tuned), 2. WO GT-81 Bhatinov Mask, 3. WO GT-81 Focal Reducer, 4. Orion 9x50mm Correct Image Right-Angle Finder, 5. WO Soft Carry Case, 6. Canon EOS T2 Ring, 7. Attached Dovetail Bar The bundle comes complete with inspection checklist from first purchase. All the equipment is in great condition bar minor markings on the mounting shoe and tiny spec of dust on the objective lens
  6. Evening having now returned to the hobby after a bit of time away, I've uncovered some minor specs of dust on the inside of my trusty GT81. It's been stored indoors, in a carry case with desiccant bags. As far as I'm aware, it's not affecting the images that I'm taking but they do bother my very much (OCD?). I'm apprehensive to open the scope up myself and clean the lens as I won't know what I'm messing with and would hate to affect the collimation of the scope by accident. Any suggestions? worth contacting WO? I received it nearly 2 years ago and for the life of me cant remember fro
  7. Hope you dont mind - had a go with the tiff. Reduced star-size in PS and some adjustments made in PI.
  8. Back in the for sale section as previous buyer was unfortunately unable to collect due to personal circumstances. I'm Looking to sell my EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO, It's been fantastic since I got it (roughly 1 and a half years ago) and can't fault it. The reason for selling it is so that I can upgrade to something that can handle more weight for AP. Includes everything that came with it when i first bought it new and an extra big duffle bag to fit everything in. Great mount for anyone wanting to do both visual and astrophotography. I'm Looking for £400 which includes the orion duffle/car
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