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  1. so i recently got a 5dmkiv and i want to know that if i were to bring it back and forth from the outside (0 c) and inside of my house (22c) if there will be any condensation on the camera sensor.
  2. i was using an 8se, and a nikon d7100, at i think 100 iso
  3. so i just went out today and i took some photos of the moon through my telescope. Here are the results! http://imgur.com/dh8P5jL
  4. the 8se uses batteries.... do i just replace the batteries?
  5. bring a phone or a computer with you and when you are not trying to look for something or your taking photos and just waiting use the electronic, also cofee and red bull really help.
  6. so i own an 8se and i have been trying to set up the tracking recently, auto 2 star, but when i try to slew to the other star it doesn't stop slewing in a direction and the alignment becomes impossible, i have done the alignment before successfully, on the same flat surface outside but it just doesn't stop slewing and i actually cant get it to track an object to take an image. i really don't know what is happening and i have done it before. thx in advance
  7. i was using a nikon 7100d and an 8se with tracking, i took a 15 second exposure at 800 ISO with a baader planetarium UHC filter. my skys are quite light polluted.
  8. Orion and the Pleiades, those are the pictures
  9. so i went outside yesterday, set up tracking, and used some nebula filter and i took some picture. what do u guys think? its not the best and i really need some tips. any tips? thx in advance!
  10. http://telescopes.net/store/specials/used-demo/super-deals/explore-scientific-ed80mm-f-6-classic-white-essential-series-air-spaced-triplet-refractor-open-box.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAp_WyBRD37bGB_ZO9qAYSJAA72IkgoEeckrtTndFvYGd-Yq4uvv_rqdbZLRP0BEP8mchcYRoC89Hw_wcB it seems like a good deal, and the coatings are pretty nice as well
  11. also, nobody mentioned the crab nebula (m1), it's right above alheka in the constellation taurus.
  12. if you are using a celestron scope they ussually come with a copy of SkyX, i ussually use that to find things that im looking for, its very helpful
  13. i really love the cat photo

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