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  1. I know what you mean Alan, i grabbed them yesterday
  2. Thanks Steve, looks like its the 10x50s then, thanks again
  3. Thanks for the input guys much appreciated, its pointing towards the 10x50s i think, i mentioned the 8x40 simply because i have read on here and other sites how light the 8x40s are in any make or model and are a pleasure to look through but i havnt actually looked through a set of that size so cannot compare the view or weight difference, i do know i had a peep through some old Minolta standard extra wide view 10x50s which were left in a holiday cabin for guests and i really liked the view on them but a bit harder to find at the moment. Thanks again
  4. Evening Can i ask if any of you members have/are using the Olympus DPS-I 8x40 Binoculars for any astro work?, or the 10x50s for that matter, im looking for a light weight all rounder and have read a few good reviews on this set, i believe they were called the trooper but changed at some point Thanks
  5. Billy the cable is that fragile its unbelievable, very flimsy stuff, the parts you are talking about are previous war wounds...im going to replace it all when i figure out which is which...time for the multi meter i think cheers
  6. Morning all, does anyone happen to have an image or even remember which position the 4 wires are fitted in the Hitec focuser motor at all? i know its a long shot but the outer case has come away taking 3 of the 4 wires along with it...Thanks in advance
  7. All Good, M3 it is and a hand full on order....just in case. Thanks everyone
  8. Thing is Julian i have found the rubber rings....just cant find the screws..Thanks for that mate, much appreciated..
  9. Hi All I have been doing some maintenance on my ED80 focuser that involved removing a skywatcher autofocuser bracket and was wondering if anyone knows the thread size of the four outer screws that hold the bracket and/or focus shaft in place?, the only info i could find was in the autofocuser parts list that included some longer ones to fix the bracket in place but then that only describes them as four Philips head screws...the others are in a safe place.....a very safe place...as in put down and forever forgotten safe place.... Thanks Wayne
  10. Thanks guys, yes SHO was used, i will try out the different combinations when i get some more time but overall pleased for a first try
  11. Hello All This is my very first processed narrow-band image i have taken or processed this way before so looking for pointers if possible, about an hour each of HA,SII,OIII, i know there is a lot of processing software out there now that can save some time doing this kind of imaging and processing but this one is done with DSS, PS and Astronomy tools Gear comprises of SW ED80, ZWO1600MMC, ZWO Filter Wheel Thanks Wayne
  12. Hello all, does anyone know the cable colour arrangement for a Sky-Watcher Handset Cable for AZ Goto & AZ GTi at all? I wanted to try out my eq6 handset on a skywatcher gti but of coarse...they are different...so intend to make me own.. Thanks
  13. And best 20% from a 1000 using this setup and a ZWO290 in daylight....
  14. I was a bit worried about the various comments about the GTI tripod on the internet, after hours of searching it seemed an even spread of 50% dont buy and 50% buy...i couldnt make my mind up...but what i did have was an unused AZ-EQ6 doing absolutely nothing in the shed as my mount is fixed...soooo.....fettle time ? I wanted the GTI for what its made for, an easy to set up chuck about but i wasn't worried about the weight, it will happily sit in the back of the car for holidays/weekends away for use with the ST80 and Hyperion zoom. Its a simple setup, 300mm of stainless 60mm tube blanked off each end and drilled with 13mm holes, through this is 500mm of threaded bodge job, basicly 400mm of 12mm stainless bar with 50mm of M12 thread welded to the end, other end has 50mm of 3/8 16 unc thread welded on which sandwiches the whole lot together with a M12 thumb wheel already on the original tripod set up......so all in all sturdy as hell.. but just as heavy. Im not sure if this should be in the DIY section i apologise if it should.
  15. I think your correct Ray, totally misread Grahams original post...sorry
  16. If you dont have W10 but use google chrome browser try Chrome remote desktop, its an addon extension, works flawless...well it has for me anyhow ?, i connect to the main computer using whatever device to hand that runs google chrome
  17. Just for future reference a reply from ZWO regarding the connection to the Reducer may save someone a lot of head scratching.....? The thread of reducer is too long, we provide 5mm, but the reducer need 7mm. In this case, I think you need two customized adapters. one is M48 female ring, about 3mm thinkness, like the 11mm ring on camera. screw it on reducer. So that the thread won't stucked by prism. Second one is 9mm M42 extender, replace the 11mm ring and T2-T2 adapter, between OAG and EFW.
  18. Sound plan Ray but no go...the 10mm spacer is T2...whereas the reducer and OAG is M48...the 16.5 spacer is T2 to M48 extender..i hate spacers...but the worst part is the spacers do have less thread and would of worked i think..im going to try a nylon washer in there and give it a go with focus....i have a week to return if needs be...Thanks again for your help
  19. So move that 10mm "I think" forward, hoping it has a smaller length of thread....sounding good..will get back to you?
  20. Thanks for getting back all, much appreciated, the problem i have isnt the spacing for the camera to reducer, at the moment i have the 55mm needed, if i remove the 16.5 spacer and replace with the OAG that is the complete spacing needed or so im told, its when the whole setup connects to the reducer... agreed cjdawson..sorry minds slipping Current setup before OAG.. My problem is if you look in the stalk hole to the left is the thread from the reducer "overhanging" the stalk hole by around 2mm when the reducer and oag body is tightened up This is how it looks when the prism stalk is fitted..the reducer is slightly undone so its off the stalk and the prism is free to move for focusing, as mentioned it looks like i could get away with some sort of washer in there to let me nip it up but thats not the way and two im sure that will just add to my 55mm needed unless i reduce somewhere else....im sick of spacers already and dont need to purchase more ? Thanks again all Wayne
  21. Evening everyone.. I have received my new ZWO OAG today to connect with my 1600mm and filter wheel and at that end with spacers all seems good until i attach the OAG to my skywatcher 0.85 reducer on my ED80, at this point when the reducer is screwed onto the OAG body the thread from the reducer catches the prism stalk to a point where its not only impossible to use the focus it also will not fully attach for that same reason, its only a mm or two but thats enough to ruin the day, im sure i need some sort of spacer/washer between the reducer and OAG but wouldn't this ruin the 55mm spacing needed for focus? also the OAG in the box is different to whats on the box and found on the net so not sure if its updated or wrong full stop but as it came from a ZWO dealer im assuming an upgrade? Im just after some advice before i go through the process of returns If you look at the image my OAG does not have the 4 screws to change the face plate from item 5 to item 6,in fact i do not have item 6 in the box hence possible update to the item. Thanks all, very much appreciated. Wayne
  22. I would be interested in this book furrysocks2 if ChrisE isn't, PM sent Thanks
  23. Thanks for the input, its a lot to take in being new to the Zwo1600....now where is that Microsoft Lifecam again?
  24. Thanks SyedT, so for instance am i right in assuming if i had 30 darks using O111 and 30 using S11 i can add these together as a master file because the filter used wouldn't of mattered with the scope being covered? and because i had already taken them with an itchy "capture now" finger..
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