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  1. Thanks for the input, its a lot to take in being new to the Zwo1600....now where is that Microsoft Lifecam again?
  2. Thanks SyedT, so for instance am i right in assuming if i had 30 darks using O111 and 30 using S11 i can add these together as a master file because the filter used wouldn't of mattered with the scope being covered? and because i had already taken them with an itchy "capture now" finger..
  3. Good morning SGL, im currently in the transition from DSLR to CCD, namely the zwo1600MMC Pro and the question i have is do i need to take dark and bias frames for the 3 narrow-band filters separately? i .e 30 darks for H-alpha, 30 for O111 and the same for S11 and not 1 set that applies to all? i just thought i could get these done while the 3 month old cloud is still about. Cheers
  4. ISS imaging questions

    I saw it mikeyj1 but cannot find anything on stellarium though..
  5. wheels and runner for roll off shed

    Pretty sure it was these.. i did get them from somewhere else although not sure where from now as it was a while ago, i did check to make sure they are the 3mtr delivered and not cut to a metre as well, but again this is what i needed at the time so inquire with what you want and at the same time ask for the internal dimension inside that folded lip, should me a few MM wider than the wheel..
  6. wheels and runner for roll off shed

    I used unistrut and draper 50mm wheels which fit perfect, just make sure the unistrut is the shallow version and not perforated, the wheels are around 3 quid each and fit perfect, the saying buy cheap buy twice was always in the back of my head when building but 2.5 years running now has answered that question for me....Good luck with it
  7. electronic componments

    Hi CPC farnell might be able to help, i get bits from there when needed...free delivery over a fiver if i remember right.. CPC
  8. ZWO290 and barlow problem..

    Cheers guys, another 70mm on order...
  9. Hi All Im trying to focus my ZWO290 with a Baader 2.25x Barlow and skywatcher ED80 but cannot find focus, i have tried with the T2 spacers off then added back to a total of about 70mm with no luck, i must admit the chimney aerial im on isn't that far away but without any clear im struggling, the thing is the image is not clearing up that much to notice if i need more in or out focus although i can see some blur in there, and if its in focus i need then im buggered , is anyone using any similar equipment that can tell me which way? i dont need anymore spacers doing nothing in a cupboard if you know what i mean Thanks all very much appreciated Wayne
  10. Best of 3000 frames in Autostakkert, 2 panes combined in I.C.E and tweaked in Registax..Thanks
  11. Well i made mine from aluminium flat bar and a box of nuts and bolts, i got a bearing set off the bay for £4 delivered and i also had a spare counter weight and tripod from my telescope mount doing nothing as i have the scope on a pier...im not sure if your building or buying but here is my few pence worth, you will save a few quid if you make it yourself for sure
  12. I was having a play at the moon last night with the ZWO290, just a 3 pane mosaic and when i came to processing in Autostakkert i noticed that the debayer on one of the captures was BGGR while the other two was RGGB which is what i thought it was set at, you could see the difference between the 3 stills, thats was in firecapture, so i changed to Sharpcap and noticed it had actually done it again later in the session, does this setting swap to which ever it sees fit? i cant remember changing any settings while capturing the 3 panes, unfortunately i deleted the captures without going through the logs...any help would be much appreciated Wayne
  13. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated...i will look into it a bit more nearer the time, like you say Ronin if our Admin get a hold of it there is no telling what costs are incurred....thanks again
  14. Hi all Im in the process of changing scopes from a 200p newt to the skywatcher ed80 and was also thinking its time to move on from my dslr to try another way of imaging at the same time and i have my eye on the ZWO1600MM, my question to everyone is although the price for the camera bundle "ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool USB 3.0 Mono Camera, EFWMini Filter Wheel, 1.25" LRGB Filter Set & 1.25" H-alpha Filter Bundle" is around £1650 to £1700 in the UK but on a link to a site on ZWO facebook its $1599...well not including shipping or tax thats a difference of nearly £500 which is my new scope at the end of the day...has anyone in the UK purchased their cameras in this way or am i just looking at it all wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated Wayne
  15. Automated Obsy Roof

    Quick update, first of all sorry for the above image, thanks to Photobucket im in the process of moving my images to another site so please watch this space, i have installed the switch and controller into a project box from RS components, i will update the video with the link for this, also removed the sprockets and put a nylon washer in between them and the back plate, re greased and back together again....power for this is 12v straight from the pier, i have decided not to hard wire it in for now but will look into this in the future...job done Blanked image from above post..