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  1. @Somerled7: https://siril.org/faq/#how-can-i-combine-different-exposures-on-the-same-object
  2. This is because we never should try to stack different exposures in sametime... DSS is doing that, that's right. But for me this is a big mistake. You need to stack consistent frames. So, stack each exposures to produce different images. And then, merge the image withing GIMP. I guess you shot M42.
  3. Hello. In Siril you can remove the background on each light. It is really better than removing after stacking.
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback :). Yes we have worked a lot on the new website and tutorials, so very happy you like it!
  5. Hello. With the release of the new version of Siril ( we have updated our website at www.siril.org. Also, we have updated a lot of tutorials especially one that should really help beginners!! You can have a look here: https://siril.org/tutorials/tuto-scripts/ Please, do not hesitate to share it, and to write feedback.
  6. Of course, who does not ;).
  7. On the website, you have documentation, online courses. On youtube you have video tutorial. Just have to make your choice.
  8. The macOS installer is now available !!!
  9. Hello, we are glad and proud to announce that a new version of Siril has just been released and is now available to all users: Siril 0.9.10 Siril 0.9.10 brings its load of new features and improvements. It provides a new comet registration method, astrometry solving, previewing for processing functions, and new commands available for scripts. Windows support has been improved, in particular for special characters in file names. We also have moved to a gitlab source and issue control system to facilitate interaction with users and developers. For Windows users: - An installer is
  10. The new website is : https://www.siril.org ;).
  11. Hello. I really think you should normalize your images during stacking. If not, you will stack images that are not consistent and sigma clipping will give bad results.
  12. Siril is now almost dedicated to short exposure deep sky shoots. It is possible to preprocess, aign and stack directly the SER file. You can have 60000frames with no problem. Moreover, you have many way to do it: - automatic alignment tool with detected stars (could fail using a barlow and with only faint stars) -> align with rotation and translation - one star registration ->align with translation - planetary alignment (could be use ONLY if the two methods failed) ->align with translation
  13. Hello. In siril, median does not apply registration. If you want to align and stack, please use other algorithm. With 4 images the best is mean with percentile clipping rejection.
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