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  1. Hi again, Please can someone elaborate on a hardware solution with a bigger electric capacity? I have mentioned about a dew heater but on the other hand I don't want to spend £120 on a branded Celestron/SkyWatcher power tank which has a crap battery anyway. I can see that people make their own enclosures to stop damp from going inside.
  2. It looks like that 1.2V are rechargeable ones, 1.5V ones are non rechargeable, alkaline. A bit confusing form factor.
  3. I think you have found one of the culprits if not the main. The ones I have are Duracell 1.2V 2400mAh, so it is below specification. I have just noticed on this enclosure that is says "1.5V AA size", but you have to face it against decent light to see it. Ok so now I get the right batteries. Thank you for pointing this out. I was going to ask you about your power solution for your GoTo. Some people rely on stock solution, Lithium battery packs (as you have mentioned), some buy branded Celestron / Skywatcher power tanks, some get cheaper jump starters or even leisure
  4. Hi All, I was wondering is there any alternatives to these Celestron / SkyWatcher power tanks. I would like to get one of these 17ah ones then just replace stock battery (which is crap according to some people) and put a new leisure battery in the right size, but the price is £120. Can you replace batteries in any of these cheaper jump starters you have mentioned? I am not an electrician so I don't know what to buy to make a bare leisure battery work for me especially if eventually I would consider adding a dew heater or something else to it.
  5. I have downgraded the HC firmware because I was getting this error message every so often: Both Axes...No Response! All my findings are in this topic: When I get "no link to mount" I have to power cycle it. I rely on 8x Duracell rechargeable batteries in stock battery enclosure. Perhaps this motor firmware downgrade was unnecessary, but this was my first bet then I downgraded HC what has resolved "Both axes" error.
  6. Thanks xyz I was slewing it for good 20min in any direction, while wiggling the connectors and pulling the cable (all indoors) and there was no issue. Just when I turned it on it wend to "No link to mount" thingy, but that's it, after that no hanging HC or rogue slewing. Strange. The only worrying thing I have noticed is the noise of vertical motor, a wobbly noise. Something wrong is happening with it while outdoors (temp? humidity?).
  7. Hi All, I hope you are well. Since I have downgraded motor and hand controller firmware I haven't seen the error message below. Both Axes...No Response! however I do experience something else: During the Initialization (if it takes longer than usually) it throws this error message: No link to mount. Stand alone mode. And this is happening quite often, 1/3 of times I initialize my MAK. Also the hand controller is hanging during operation. 1. The lights are lit but the keys stop responding and I have to power cycle the whole think again. 2. while s
  8. I think you will have to respray it in a different colour as this one is restricted for emergency vehicles. Apart from mobility the cabin will definitely prove useful during cold nights. This explains why there is so few women among astronomers - they lose heat very quickly. Very good idea. I want to see it in action.
  9. I have come back to this topic, because this "Both Axes...No Response!" really annoys me. You will find the solution in this forum: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/492768-synscan-v-337/page-2 And the working firmware 3.36 that is working fine you will find here: http://www.telescope.com/Orion-SynScan-Computerized-GoTo-Hand-Controller/p/99365.uts Downgrade and relax. Please note that this is not motor's firmware issue but hand controller's. By the way SkyWatcher's Download section is so primitive it reminds me some old software companies that have these forgotten driver, firmware dumping grou
  10. I have updated the all the firmwares to the latest but now got every now and then Both Axes...No Response!This has to do with hand controller firmware. As far as I know you can just ignore this error and press Enter to go further or downgrade the firmware to previous version. I do experience another problem though. When I slew the scope with a direction button pressed for longer even when I release it it continues in that direction and simply the control is lost. I have to turn the device off completely otherwise it will continue 360. Have you come across something similar with that scope?
  11. What do you think about Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on the nearby island La Palma? I am sure there is a way to bribe these Spaniards to give me access to the biggest telescope.
  12. Do they have any gear? They just mentioned about an astronomer who will map the constellations.
  13. Does anyone know anyone who could borrow a telescope in Tenerife, not for free of course? I am not Spanish, but could not find any service. I am planning to go there for a trip with the main objective to watch the sky. This would save me a trouble to arrange a transport of the equipment from UK. Thank you
  14. Thank you Brantuk Could you tell the type of this battery that fits 17Ah power tank? These Tayna guys have hundreds of batteries.
  15. I got MAK127 and I had not problems setting it up. I just sat down and red the instructions. To locate stars or planets quickly I use free SkEye app on my Android phone.
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