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  1. Hi Elmdon, This is just the tracker with the usual accessories - no ball head. Cheers, Azbec
  2. Brand new, sealed, unopened Omegon MiniTrack LX2 mechanical tracking mount - not needed as I use a Star Adventurer now. This is a warranty replacement, fresh from the supplier, and as such, returns won't be accepted. These are £109 brand new - looking for £80 and estimate about £4 for delivery - UK only at this time.
  3. Having a bit of a clear out of some unused stuff! Selling two Baader 1.25" filters: - Baader 'Moon and Skyglow' Neodymium filter: £35 SOLD - Baader 'Fringe Killer' Filter: £35 Both very lightly used and in superb condition in their original filter boxes. Delivery will be roughly £3.50
  4. After moving onto a Star Adventurer, I am selling my Omegon Minitrack LX2. Purchased last November and only used a handful of times since. Fully tested, boxed and in excellent condition. Asking for £70, postage will probably be around £5. UK only due to the current situation. A fabulous little (it really is) tracking mount.
  5. Drive wasn't too bad from Kent! Just the usual M25 traffic. Decided to stop off at The Moon for a quick pint and some fish and chips to start the weekend! See you all shortly.
  6. Sounds fascinating - I'll make sure to pack my pens!
  7. Really can't wait for this now! I'll make sure to bake some banana bread to bring!
  8. Hi Leonid and welcome to SGL! Cheers, Al
  9. Evening all! Finally got to use my Skyliner 200P for the first time (briefly) tonight. Was fairly happy with my collimation (everything seemed fine) and enjoyed some lovely views of the moon through my 1.25" 25mm X-Cel LX. Detail was great, despite the seeing - which wasn't so great. I then decided to take my 32mm 2" PanaView for a spin and couldn't get the thing into focus. Frustrated, I dropped the 1.25" adaptor and the 25mm back in, and carried on enjoying the moon for a few more minutes. I packed everything up and was extremely satisfied overall with my new scope - hopefully I'll
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