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  1. Hi Cathey and welcome to the forum Would you be willing to post a picture of your setup? Sometimes a picture will show something obvious that a novice might not either notice or realise is wrong.
  2. Prador

    Magnets and miracles

    The problem is they are a very niche product - certainly at that price. Most consumers requiring image stabilisation will just buy the vastly cheaper electro/optical battery powered variant and move on. You will not find teardown info on this product. Not because of the price (YT is full of expensive teardown videos) but because the viewing audience is so small and will not generate any revenue. Due to the lack of information I would say any answers would largely be conjecture and opinion. If you really want to find out how these work I suggest trawling patent applications. New and novel optical designs are sometimes registered with schematics. Might be a huge time sink though.
  3. Prador

    A tale of two implants

    Love it! After my left retina decided it didn't fancy remaining attached to the back of my peeper, the surgery to laser it back on will lead to an inevitable cataract. A scleral band has also left me massively short sighted that is barely corrected with a mega prescription. My right eye is the polar opposite and borderline 6/3 which means without glasses bino vision is laughable. Catching anything thrown at me is pure guesswork
  4. Saw - may I ask how much you want for this?
  5. Prador

    Canon 4000d over 550d or 600d

    Despite the seven year gap in release dates, internally they're largely the same camera. If you have no use for the articulated screen then a brand new camera may be the better option. At least it will have a guarantee, you will know its not been kicked around and the shutter count will be zero. In defence of the 600d its a well regarded astro camera and WiFi could be added with a WIFi enabled SD card. On balance though the newer model may be the better choice if prices are similar. If you can get the one with a kit lens as it gives you more imaging options without a telescope.
  6. Prador

    Blurry Telescope

    THIS: a million times! Don't be tempted ever until you have adequate protection fitted to the telescope.
  7. Prador

    BST Explorer 3.2mm

    Might have to man up and get the Starguider. It will probably go beyond useful magnification and exit pupil on a 250mm newt but for less than £50 it's low risk. I didn't know once upon a time they came in 6mm flavour. Thank you for the info though. I've left with more knowledge than I started so win for me
  8. Back in the mists of time, as most will recall, BST Explorers were rebranded to Starguider. Not sure of the reason behind this change but I'm wondering if the 3.2mm was released pre or post name change. I lack the 3.2mm but would like, if possible, to source an Explorer branded one. Having one Starguider in the case would seriously mess with my chi
  9. Prador

    Canon 4000d over 550d or 600d

    They are very similar in spec. The 4000d has an improved DIGIC 4+ image processor but the 600d has a much better articulating touchscreen. Very useful when trying to frame and focus on the subject.
  10. Very interested in this long scope. I sent an exploratory email to my wife using the "send to a friend" link. I got a resounding "NO!" in response something something...loft conversion to pay for... something something
  11. Prador

    Hardware rather than software

    Dependent on chipset there may be multiple host controllers. Try taking a look in Device Manager and expanding the Universal Serial Bus controllers tree. It may give more info as to why it's not responding. Failing that does your laptop have an ExpressCard slot? If so, and the USB3 slot is really defective, an expansion card is relatively inexpensive (compared to a new laptop for sure) and will give you full SuperSpeed transfer rate (625mb/sec).
  12. Prador

    Hardware rather than software

    Assuming it's not under warranty would you be willing to take it apart and take a look at the connections for the port itself. Might be something as simple as a dry solder joint and easy to sort. If you do poke around in there, backing the thing up might is most definitely worthwhile. Edit: back it up before it blows up
  13. Prador

    First attempt at astrophotography

    Nice first image and way better than my first attempt. I'm wondering what is the cause of the misshapen stars though. Possibly a collimation issue? I'm sure somebody much more experienced in these things will offer better advice. Well done though.
  14. Prador

    Synscan , so what are your results ?

    Very weird considering yourself (setting up with repeatable and accurate markers) and Paul with the permanent installation experience the same issue. At first glance I wondered if a minute variation in mount footing or home position would be amplified when aligning on stars. As I take my stuff to sites in the car I always have to center on stars but thought I was the weak link (still probably the case). Can it be Synscan? After all it's just ones and zeros
  15. Prador

    Horsehead 2nd attempt

    That's a marked improvement from the first one. More detail, less noise and sharper. What kit are you using to capture the image?

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