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  1. Your assumption is correct but I don't see the relevance. My assumption is the vast majority of people working NLW perform admirably considering the financial reward. Bad day, nearest box to hand, having a bit of a laugh? - way too many variables to pin it on £8/h
  2. Prador


    Just wondering; can a NEQ-6 controlled via WiFi module and SkySafari track an ISS transit?
  3. Prador


    Just saw it pop across on the way back from my local Co-Op. Very bright and quite impressive. Hopefully, the (even brighter) transit tomorrow evening will be clear so I can point it out to the kids.
  4. Prador


    Ultimately it's all down to ones and zeros but it takes a bag of mostly water (thank you ST: TNG) to say "hey people, why don't we try this". Top stuff ?
  5. All the YT videos that combine these two seem to have the wedge dovetail knob removed. Using a hex grub screw in its place is one solution. Unfortunately, as I don't own one I don't know the thread type or length.
  6. Yes that's correct. There may be a neater solution that other members use. I'm a visual type of guy so not coming from an informed position. What I will say is dont be tempted by a cheapo generic supply. Using an astro retailer will virtually ensure the power supply will be and remain fit for purpose and not kill a 1k mount.
  7. Cool, you have a 240v source near your set-up. You have the 12v supply to the mount in the form of the Lynx Astro power brick. The dew controller is just that - a controller. It requires a 12v power source to feed the dew heater tapes. I'm sure you can get some form of splitter for the Lynx Astro but running the mount and heater tapes might push the 5A capacity a bit far.
  8. All of those bits and bobs will require their own power source. The only power source you have on the list is the Lynx Astro 12v 5A supply. That's fine for the mount but the rest will need something too. Can I ask where you intend to have your gear set up? The reason I ask is whether it will be reasonably close to a household 240 outlet or whether battery power may be needed.
  9. How do you intend to supply power to the dew controller and cameras?
  10. Many thanks for that. Exactly what I'm after and cheaper than repurposing an awning bag or similar. A bargain at £60! As an aside, how do I get in on the gift gig? ? Thank you for the link.
  11. Talk about feeling daft. It didn't even click for me that your username would suggest a maritime background and already would've been considered ?
  12. I imagine the caravanners or mariners among us would have a decent solution?
  13. Pretty much as the title and probably staring me in the face. Is there a commercially available smartphone mount/adapter that will attach to a scope using the quick release finder bracket? I'm looking at using SkySafari as a push-to and need the phone at a position where I can still see the screen at reasonable angles away from the zenith. It would no doubt look hideous and not work too well being so close to the metal tube but thought I'd ask. Many thanks
  14. That's totally what I've done! Having just purchased a Sabre Alt-Az, just as the clouds rolled in, I'm now challenging myself to find objects manually. That's not the only reason though. The set-up time will be considerably shorter not having to demolish the under-stairs cupboard to break out the NEQ6 ?
  15. Whatever floats the proverbial boat really. Some people just want to see the object where others take pleasure in the 'hunt' for those fuzzys. Being a nerd, I love to use technology that enhances the hobby and would always encourage the use of Goto etc.
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