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  1. This was in 12 bit mode thanks though!
  2. Yeah i had a good look around before I bought it, i like the fact it has a thread for my CLS filter too when I want to use it!
  3. Thank you! I use the Altair Astro Lightwave 0.8x reducer
  4. Hi all I'm still transitioning from an unmodified Canon 200D to an Altair Astro 183C pro. I think this might be my best image yet, and the first time I have tried a mosaic. Its made of two panels, each panel has 20x120s + 30x60s. Stacked and stitched in Astro Pixel Processor and edited in PS CC 2018. I'm pretty pleased! Scope is a SW ED80 DS pro (reduced to 480mm, f/6) on a HEQ5 pro. Guided with a QHY5L-II in my finderscope.
  5. Welcome @Silvien great to see another person from Brum here! ?
  6. I quite fancy one of these or something similar. Not really feeling mono if I'm honest... Though I know the advantages
  7. I couldn't either at first till someone pointed it out
  8. Thank you if you do some star hopping, m51 is also just about visible too
  9. Thank you . Likewise I hope you get your laptop sorted:)
  10. The clouds trolled me last night and I only ended up getting 25 mins worth of data. I processed anyway and it seems an ok pic of the Garnet Star SW ED80 DS pro on HEQ5 pro, 25 mins integration time at Iso 800 on my Canon 200D
  11. It's quite strong in H alpha. Along with plate solving the coordinates that's how I identified it. That red hue <3
  12. For comparison. Image taken approx 10pm on may 2nd
  13. Might try and image it again tonight
  14. I love the synscan wifi dongle. I use it to control my telescope wirelessly...whether that is through the synscan app, sky safari, stellarium or astrophotography tools I always do a 1 star align ( I use plate solving so this isn't a problem) though I reckon if I took the time to do a 3 star it would be even more accurate
  15. i wish i had a UHC...all i have is my CLS filter
  16. No worries!!! i used platesolving to get to my target so rest assured we definitely got ourselves a nova!
  17. It is super bad. But literally it happens my friends eq6-r was 2 months old when it failed like this. Skywatcher are now sending him a new mount head
  18. Motor control board I think. This happened to my eq5 and also a friend's eq6. Get onto your supplier pronto
  19. Hi all last night I was lucky enough to image V392...which has gone a bit explodey and is now known as Nova Persei 2018. Discovered on April 29th....it's now bright enough to be seen with binos...but is on the decline.
  20. M38 - starfish open cluster , also NGC1907 multiple 90s exposures at Iso 800. total exposure time approx 29 mins. Taken on 19/04/18 from my back garden in Birmingham Darks and flats applied. Stacked with DSS, processed in Pixinsight and startools - as I still have no idea what i'm doing with PixInsight haha Telescope: SW ED80 DS pro Mount: HEQ5 pro - rowan modded Camera : Canon 200D - CLS filter
  21. To be perfectly honest though, if you have a camera that you can set to RAW, a remote timer and a sturdy tripod...then you're good to go with wide field shots. You could do this whilst saving up for a decent mount. I've attached a pic of a very basic set up and what you might be able to achieve as well
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