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  1. If you have seen my previous thread when i was looking for set up help i would like to thank you for all your support, the facebook page is gaining likes and already 100 views on the website in just 2 days. For those who don't know what Asteroid Hunters is, its a amateur astronomy group that i have just set up, the main focus of it is to provide people with information images and news about the astronomy community in the hopes to inspire more people to get involved Facebook www.facebook.com/AsteroidHunters Website http://asteroidhunters.webs.com/ ive been posting news storys from nasa in the beginning to get things going but now i would like to create new content from amateur astronomers What i would like to do is host images from you guys say an image of andromeda that you have taken and have a shot writeup about it so people can see what great work you folks do. the images will have full credits to the person who took it and if they wanted to have a paragraph about their image i am happy to include it. the content provided will not be used for personal gain all im trying to do is show as many people as possible how fun astronomy is. if you interested leave a comment below also a like on fb is always appreciated
  2. thanks for your support matt if anyone has a group on facebook give me a like and i will like back, i'm trying to get connected with as many groups as i can
  3. i made a facebook page have to start somewhere https://www.facebook.com/AsteroidHunters a like would be very helpful if you feel like getting involved
  4. i get what you are saying, a lot of people cant image, ive been at this a while and only now setting up for basic imaging. ill hold off on comps to me it really doesn't matter if you can image or not, i still remember the first time observing andromeda with a pair of 10 year old binos and it was the best feeling in the world. if i do a weekly object to observe say andromeda as an example i could create guides on how to observe it and what equipment would be needed and make it as easy as possible for anyone to go into their back garden and know where to look, even if they don't have a scope i think it would be a great way to get people interested. if only one person told me they saw an object for the first time it would make it all worth it for me. and the folks that can image would be able to post the pictures so the people without can get a better look at an object, when you think about it its like virtually sharing your scope im trying to put a game plan together at the moment and your input has been very helpful thanks again
  5. i really do want to keep it online because i think i'm going down the asteroid hunter route that way it doesn't matter where you're from you can get involved, although you can't just have a group focused on asteroid hunting as they are hard to find and people would lose interest over time so i'm thinking of branching out to imaging known objects as they pass by and also the competition idea i mentioned above to challenge members to observe something new. i really do want to keep it as fun as possible and entice new people to get interested, i have been a member of a racing club before and it was endless meeting where they would talk to us for hours on end about trivial things and rarely do anything thats why i'm against that route
  6. sorry i must have missed your post, i would like to keep it online based for now to see what interest there would be in it and if enough locals are interested then i would look into a society so that there is insurance and i can host public events
  7. Who do i need to speak to to set up a social group, i assume it has to be approved by an admin
  8. thanks for your input, matt i had seen the social groups before but completely forgot about them. lots of good info to help me refine my idea. hosting a social group on this site is the way to go and probably a twitter page as well baggy thanks for the support, rules and regs are a must for even a small group there has to be some structure but what i want to avoid for now is the full blown committee/monthly meeting etc, of course if there was enough members way down the road it would have to become official but we can cross that bridge if we come to it, i have an idea of an observing site but again it would be a future project as it would require insurance and a lot of setup it also narrows the area the members are from and i would like the group to be as wide as possible eg all of uk if i go down the NEO path, that was the reasoning to keep it an online based group
  9. Im looking for some ideas thoughts feelings about starting an astronomy group. i have been thinking about it for a while now and i know that it is my passion, i do truly love astronomy but i don't have the time or money for 7 years of school to go professional so the thought was to create a group, i don't want to start an official group ie chairperson treasurer meetings committee etc because i believe that takes the fun out of it so it would be like an observing club where its fun, i would probably start online and if enough people in my area were interested it would be nice to eventually host star parties but that would be down the road a bit. What im trying to decide on is what the group would do i'm getting interested in the near earth object program and if it would be possible to set up an amateur group to do that it would have to be online so more people could join in and help out eg a group of people all imaging an object or event then submitting images, i could even have challenges and competitions, like a weekly challenge to image an object then a public vote on the best images. the thinking behind this it to have something different to this website because this place is awesome nice casual relaxed place to hang out that is why i'm thinking of a more focused goal for a group to do but i'm beginning to ramble so if you think its a good idea or just plain won't work let me know id love to hear your input Thanks
  10. Technically we are all amateur astronomers thats the official term for unqualified astronomy, professional astronomy begins at the PhD level but i would say when you have a job and an area of study you are classed as professional. But as said above amateurs have outdone the professionals a few times
  11. Didn't have my gear setup so i made a timelapse of a windmill, you can see it getting darker, most noticeable at the end when it brightens up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPHc86Idf_U&feature=youtu.be
  12. Has anyone any real info on this? Some places say its a full some say its a partial while the media is screaming that its the biggest eclipse in history all of europe will be plunged into darkness, we will run out of electricity and chaos Sorry to ramble but its sad when you can't even get genuine info from the news on a simple story such as this. Anyway will you guys be pulling the cameras out for it?, i would like to do a timelapse, is there any precautions i need to take as i've never imaged the sun before, i assume i need a solar filter for the dslr
  13. It would be a lot of work theres a few vids on youtube of people setting them up, surprisingly they fit in the back of a car but it wasn't as big as the one in your picture
  14. im in the same boat, i got myself a canon 700d and i have a 130mm newt, i haven't put them together yet as i dont have a tracking mount, the best i could do with it is planetary with very short exposure. ive been researching it for about 2 years and found that you need a good quality tracking mount, about £500 - £1000, and the same again for a telescope so about £2000 for a basic tracking setup. My advice would be get a good motorized eq mount, a camera and use your 70mm Refractor,its best to try and pick up a second hand mount, there are a few about use it for a while and see how you go then think of a new scope. just my opinion on the cheapest way as we all don't have £1000s to throw around
  15. completely forgot about it having to be eq, like i said its been a while lol. i don't have that kind of money to throw at a hobby so it won't be happening i know only too well of the slippery road many go down, starts with a small scope a few years later and they have an observatory in the garden I think i should stick to wide field and time lapse. what things should i be trying to capture in a wide field, and don't say milky way lol theres already millions of images of it taken by everyone with a camera my lens can go from 18mm up to 250mm obviously the longer i go the shorter the exposure but what objects could i photograph in that range?
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