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  1. Maplin Case - 127 mak

    Well, the case arrived mid week and I've just had the chance to sit down and play scope Tetris! Mak is nice and snug, and there is plenty of space left for additional bits and bobs. The case feels absolutely bullet proof. Pretty sure you could drop it down a staircase and it would be fine....not going to test that theory though! Thanks @Mr niall for the suggestion.
  2. Cambridge Double Star Atlas - New Horizons!

    From what I have read, the jumbo version is exactly the same as the pocket version in terms of the contents.....but less pocket friendly, more jumboish.
  3. Cambridge Double Star Atlas - New Horizons!

    I had noticed the jumbo was available now as well. I'd thought about getting it because I find text in the pocket size one ever so slightly too small for me. But have decided to try CSA or CDSA instead so that I don't have basically 2 of the exact same star atlas. Would be useful to know what others think about it though.
  4. Cambridge Double Star Atlas - New Horizons!

    Good to know that CSA and CDSA are different enough that one doesn't become obsolete of you have both. Might add them both to my Amazon wish list and see which one Santa brings! Astro roulette, exciting
  5. Cambridge Double Star Atlas - New Horizons!

    Thanks for posting this Doug. I have PSA but personally I find the print just slightly too small to be able to easily read in the dark without putting on some reading glasses....which I don't need for observing. So I have actually been looking at getting CSA for my xmas....however I've recently acquired a mak and have started looking at some doubles (attacked a few in Orion at the weekend and it was actually more enjoyable than previous experience with doubles). I'm now trying to work out if CDSA would be a better investment - and whether it would really be more like PSA but larger areas and larger text (looks like CDSA shows more stars that CSA). I assume it still has DSOs like the "normal" CSA version and can still be used as a regular star atlas? Probably a stupid question!
  6. Hi Niall, Couple have already mentioned it, but just wanted to chuck in my tuppence worth regarding exit pupil. This is something I completely neglected to think about (what an amateur) until Stu pointed it out. I've struggled with getting much detail on fainter objects with the mak, but then found them a lot clearer with the ST102 on the same night. Thinking this was a bit weird, considering the mak has an extra inch over the ST. I started paying attention to exit pupil a bit more and realised that I was leaning towards viewing DSOs using between 3 and 5mm exit pupil in the ST102. I don't think you can get this size of EP with the mak. But that shouldn't stop you finding the brighter ones. I suppose dark skies would help out as well. Someone might be able to confirm whether a 40mm would be suitable, I know you wouldn't get the full available doc. But it would give a larger exit pupil. I also star hop rather than goto, find it really rewarding when you find what you're looking for. I've actually started observing doubles, globs and smaller open clusters with the mak. Tend to save nebulas for the ST102.
  7. ES Twilight I

    Would you consider a different mount in order to get a better viewing experience? Something like an AZ4, maybe AZ5 (on better tripod) or Vixen Porta II if you like the slow motion. Rather than spending money on a new scope to find that you have similar issues to to limitations of the mount.
  8. Maplin Case - 127 mak

    I'm sure it'll all work out fine - the case certainly does look like a perfect fit for the Mak. Also looks like it has plenty of space for adding more fun bits in the future! Thanks for the info about the zoom. I was out on Saturday for a few hours with the Mak and was finding that I tend to swap eyepieces more with the Mak than I seem to do with the ST102. Was observing the moon for a while and thought "this would be a lot easier with a zoom, but I don't know if I want to splash out on a Baader in case I don't like it". I know that dedicated eyepieces will probably give better views, but for convenience a zoom and a single wide-field would be great....especially for just faffing about with a quick session or going away to a dark site. Time for some more research! Thanks again for you help - I'll post a pick of the Mak in it's new home once I've sorted it out (probably next weekend). Although it probably won't look much different to yours!
  9. Maplin Case - 127 mak

    @Mr niall the case you suggested has come back into stock. I had another look and it looked as though the one you have is slightly bigger than the one in was looking at from maplin. I also like the fact it has 4 clips to secure the lid, so I've gone and ordered the one you use! Thanks for the link and images. On a sidenote....is that a hyperflex zoom that you have attached to the mak? Ive been thinking about getting a zoom for the mak and have just come across the hyperflex 9-27mm on FLO. Was wondering what it was like. Thanks, Davy
  10. Maplin Case - 127 mak

    That's fantastic - thanks a lot for providing pictures Size looks ideal, I was hoping that the Mak would fit in with the diagonal still fitted! And that I would be able to put some eyepiece in around it to allow me to just grab one case if I wanted to take it away in the car. Really like that it has clips at the side as well, looks really secure. I've never come across that website before so I'll have a wee look at them. The reason I was looking at Maplin is because there is one fairly close so I wouldn't need to pay for postage. If it was a better case though, then I wouldn't grumble about a difference of a fiver!
  11. Hello fellow stargazers! I'm looking for a case to keep my 127 mak safe and secure. Have read about people using the High Impact Case that Maplin sell. I think it may be the following one (which has just gone on offer): https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/large-high-impact-case-with-pre-cut-foam-interior-n14gr Does anyone use this for their mak (or other scope) just now? I'd really appreciate if anyone could provide a couple of pictures showing their mak in it....so I can get an idea of space and what kit I can store in it. Please feel free to share any other possible solutions as well. I'd like to try and keep it under £50 if possible for a storage solution. Many thanks, Davy
  12. Messiers in Auriga

    I saw them for the first time last year. I also seemed to struggle a little bit and I think it took a couple of attempts. Only once I'd found them did I realise that I had been incredibly daft.... up until then, the only clusters I'd seen were the beehive and Pleiades. So I was looking for big, bright, spread out clusters. Because to my naive stargazing eyes, that's what open clusters were. Now that I've become a bit more educated, I'm looking forward to visiting them again this year and trying to appreciate them a bit more. They were smaller and more subtle than I'd expected. Maybe you're making a similar assumption? Just keep trying, you'll get them!
  13. Lovely skies at last!

    Stu, that's a great analogy and makes a lot of sense when you put it like that. I know I'm lucky living in a city but being able to use my mum's secluded south facing garden for stargazing. When I've tried observing from my flat (which is about 20 minutes away) the light pollution is noticeably worse and there are fewer guide stars. Maybe that can be next year's investment!
  14. Ahhhhhh, that's better.

    Nice report David. Sounds like a really good session. Glad you managed to catch some targets that were a struggle before. That's always a rewarding feeling. Hopefully the dry spell isn't as long this time!
  15. Lovely skies at last!

    Nice report Stu, thanks for sharing It's helps that I've seen some of these targets recenty, so I can read along and pretend I'm getting to see them too...Seeing as it's cloudy and windy up here just now! I have a soft spot for NGC457 as well, only seen it a couple of times but it's one I'll visit as often as I can. The AZGTi sounds like an interesting bit of kit. Stillcant decide if it would just make me lazy in learning the sky I need to play with my old newt again. I've realised that I find it a lot easier to navigate around with the left-right flip of a frac/mak... which has meant that the newt is gathering dust. Poor wee soul. Thanks again Stu