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  1. My current set-up

    Looks good, nice setup! I also like that you have a wee grey pal to keep you company while you observe. Does he have a name? And how did you teach him to look at the camera?
  2. +1 for illustrated guide to astronomical wonders
  3. Where did that come from?!

    I used to do quite a bit of hill walking and wild camping up north or through West of Scotland. However it was before I was into astronomy, so probably many missed opportunities there. Although...come to think of it, I only remember the inside of clouds and being soaking! Think out of 30 or 40 trips there are only a handful of memories of not being wet. I complain while I'm out in the hills, but then once I'm back down and the tent is pitched...everything is good! I've fallen out if the habit though, life has taken over and I don't get away as much. Having a desk job means that when I do get away, my body screams at me and my knees get really sore. Need to make an effort to get away more!
  4. Choosing a telescope.

    The mount becomes very wobbly. And worst case (if you go too far over the recommended payload) then you risk the mount bot being able to hold the scope and something breaking - either mount or telescope falling.
  5. Skywatcher 6x30 finder scope

    Still for sale
  6. AZ4 - Head only

    Still for sale
  7. Where did that come from?!

    Yeah I've done that a few times where I've been shattered and just wanted to go to bed, even though the sky was clear, thinking "I'm sure tomorrow will be fine". Then not had another clear night for a number of weeks. Frustrating! Sometimes it's just been a busy day or week and you just can't get the energy to do it. Starting to learn that I need to grab the chance whenever I can, but I'm sure there will still be the occasion that I miss out.
  8. Getting more from sessions

    I quite like the following book as well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-Guide-Astronomical-Wonders-Observer/dp/0596526857 Objects are arranged by constellations rather than seasons. I find it useful when observing from certain locations when there may only be a couple of constellations that are well positioned (not blocked by buildings or trees, etc).
  9. Getting more from sessions

    Grab a free copy of stellarium for your PC (can also get it for tablet if you prefer). This is a good way of working out what's in an area of sky you're interested in. You can add equipment to it and basically "simulate" what field of view you should be able to see with a certain scope and eyepiece. Sky safari 5 is a similar tool but is available for tablets and phones (at a price). Try stellarium first. Turn left at Orion is very good and worth a look when you're just starting out. Try things out and see what you enjoy, as long as you're having fun that's all that matters. If you're not, then try something else. I've tried sketching, but it's not for me. I don't have a tracking mount so I have to nudge the scope constantly, which annoys me when sketching.
  10. After reading your review John, I invested in a 15mm SLV to use in my ST102 and 127 mak. Wow, what a lovely eyepiece! In The ST it's great on DSOs - dumbbell and ring nebula were better than expected from my light polluted site in Edinburgh. I don't know if if just a nice balance of magnification and exit pupil. The only thing I would change...is a little more fov, because I quite like 60°. But over all I'm impressed and would buy others on the future. Just wanted to say thanks for your review hope you had a good holiday!
  11. Which upgrade barlow?

    I've not tried the more expensive ones - but I recently bought a BST 2x short Barlow and personally really like it, and for the price I'm happy. It goes well with my x-cel lx 25mm and vixen SLV.
  12. New Scope Time!

    Sounds like a good plan Paul! All the best with your new toy
  13. New Scope Time!

    Personally I was dubious about getting a second hand scope from Astroboot - until I had a chat with Ian, who put my mind at ease. I then ordered a 127 Mak from them, which arrived within a week and was in fantastic condition (basically exactly as described). I wouldn't be worried about ordering a scope from them again in the future - so as Ian says....second hand might be worth a though, save you some money for other bits. Especially if you don't want the little dob mount for the Heritage.
  14. Eyepiece & Diagonal Case

    Good job, that looks like an awesome wee case and I love the dividers you've built for it
  15. New Scope Time!

    Good shout Stu - I hadn't thought about that. To be fair I don't think you'd be disappointed with either of the AZ5 options. It's a great mount for grab and go - in my opinion anyway. Good luck!