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  1. Glad you got that sorted. I'm a totally newbie, so it's nice to know I was able to help someone. Especially when everyone on this forum has been so kind and helped me with things. I've only used the AZ4 a few times...and with the way the weather has been this year, I wouldn't say I've had a proper session with it yet! So there's still time for me to decide I dislike it. Although...I'm skint and can't afford an upgrade, so I'll be working with the AZ4 for the next year or so anyway. It's really easy to do actually, if you decide you want to do it then give me a shout and I could maybe send you some pictures if that would help?
  2. I found that the altitude axis did this with mine. It was like I needed to push harder than required in order to get it to initially move, which resulted in moving past the target. Balancing and getting the tension of bolts helped me a bit. Did a bit of reading and found that quite a few people seem to dislike the stock grease that comes on the skywatcher mounts. I ended up stripping mine down, cleaning it up and applying new grease (super lube - as recommended by people on here). It has made a massive difference and movement is a lot less sticky now. Whether or not you'll want to strip yours down is up to you. My mount was second hand so I was happy enough to take it apart....if it was brand new I would have been more reluctant. But that's because I'm a big coward! It's actually really easy to do though, and I felt it made a big difference.
  3. Ach that's annoying - I saw it last night and thought of you. Went to post here but got distracted and forgot. Hopefully something pops up soon
  4. Agreed, I'm also adding this to my "future bits" list....which is currently growing by the day! This is going to be an expensive hobby....especially when I've not really been able to see anything for weeks now! Just a couple of small opportunities unfortunately.
  5. Have you looked on the "sale" section of SGL forum? Noticed there was a couple up for sale last night. Didn't have the chance to let you know about them though, sorry.
  6. Good job glad you got it sorted. Now it's time to enjoy!
  7. Hi and welcome to SGL! This forum is a great place to further develop your knowledge and understanding of astronomy...and to make you want to spend more money! Enjoy your time here :-)
  8. Yeah I think I paid about £34 including postage. It's annoying how expensive dovetails and clamps are...considering its just a machined chunk of metal. No worries, I thought you might be looking for a second hand one. Just thought I'd mention the one I got, in case nothing turns up. Good luck with your project
  9. I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but this is the one I got: Showing up as having no stock just now....but might be worth sending them a wee message and asking if/when they're getting more.
  10. I got one from ebay a few weeks ago. I found it through the "Sky's the Limit" shop (someone on here linked it in a post about AZ-3 modifications). I've mounted it to my AZ3 and think it's really good. Unfortunately there was only 1 on stock when I purchased. Struggling to find it on ebay just now, will post link if I find it thought. Cheers, Davy
  11. Some views on comparison between the Porta 2 and AZ-4....I'm sure there are hundreds more like this.
  12. Hi, I was looking at getting the 150p on AZ4 mount and have done a fair bit of research into it. A couple of people that have used this setup have told me that they were able to track at higher mags (x150-200) - although I think this is probably really subjective....what one person finds easy, another might find really annoying. I've recently bought an AZ4 and re-greased it, which made a massive difference to how smooth the motion was IMO. It is quite a beast though...bigger and heavier than I expected. But seems VERY stable. I've also bought an AZ3 (which would NOT be suitable for the 150p) but I found the slow motion control really useful. Might want to take Knighty2112 advice and look at the Porta 2. Although it is a bit more expensive. I don't have the 150p yet - so can't give you first hand experience. Just wanted to let you know what I'd found out when researching. Hope this helps. Davy
  13. Hi Alan, Thanks for the info. I've ended up going for the revelation as it seems a lot of people have good things to say about it. Figured if I bought a cheap one, I'd probably end up replacing it. Hopefully this one will last me a long time and be suitable for if I get a MAK in the future. It's funny how the more you look into telescope accessories, the more you find that different brand names are produced in the same place! Cheers, Davy
  14. Anyone have any experience with either of the diagonals that are linked in first post? Trying to decide whether to spend the money of just grab a cheap 90 degree from AstroBoot. Cheers, Davy
  15. Agreed - over tightening the centre bolt fixes the excess head movement. As for the handle, I really struggled with that too - it seems to need to go in at an angle. The handle can be fitted in 2 positions...the second one should have a little black screw filling the hole. I found it easier to take the screw out and see what angle it wanted to go back in at....then go back to the hole you want and line the handle up at the same angle. Hope that makes sense.