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  1. No problem at all Ed. I was thinking about it for a couple of months and couldn't quite decide what to do - then a Skywatcher 127 showed up on Astroboot and I decided to go for it (after speaking to some very helpful people on here). I was already using a different scope, so I wasn't in a mad rush to get on in order to get started. If you can afford to wait, then it's worth keeping an eye on Astroboot because you can get some fantastic deals. However, I completely understand that you may not want to wait.... I very nearly bought one brand new, but I just got lucky when a "like new" one showed up second hand. From what I've heard/read the 102 is still an excellent scope and will still show you a lot...it's just the 127 will pull out a little more detail. I went for the 127 for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to get the 102 and then 6 months later, wish I'd gone bigger 2) ... a second hand 127 was available first!
  2. Hi Ed, I currently have the Skymax 127 mak - I have used it on both AZ4 and AZ5 alt-az mounts. If you're looking for a light setup and want to steer clear of an EQ, then I would recommend getting an alt-az mount with Slow motion controls. The mak is much easier to use on the AZ5 than it is on the AZ4. The tipod on the AZ5 isn't great, so if you were thinking about it I would suggest getting the head only and getting a more heavy duty tripod for it. A Vixen Porta 2 would be a good alternative. Personally I don't find narrow field of view, or tracking an issue when using the mak on an AZ5. I got my mak second hand from astroboot (European version: http://www.astroboot.eu/AstroBoot) which cost me ~£170 inc delivery (what ever that is in Euros). It arrived and basically looked brand new - I think it was meant to be an ex-display model. I asked the question of 102mm vs 127mm a while ago as well - have a wee read of this, hopefully it helps you:
  3. Skywatcher AZ5 mount head

    I must admit, for low power scanning... I prefer the AZ4. Purely because it has a handle for moving the scope. The AZ5 does have a nice smooth movement and less stiction than the AZ4. But stiction isn't a massive issue for low power. Having said that, the ST102 on the AZ5 isn't so bad. But as the mak is short, you end up having to steer using the ota when not using the slow motion controls. Scanning at low power, I use AZ4 (which I sold and the bought again). For high power and manual tracking, I use AZ5.
  4. Skywatcher AZ5 mount head

    Thanks Ian. I absolutely love the mak - and the st102 is still different enough that I use both scope for different things. Well.... when the weather allows me to have fun of course :-p
  5. Skywatcher AZ5 mount head

    Hi Jules, I bought an AZ5 and use it with my mak 127 and my st102. I ended up using the AZ4 steel tripod...because the one that comes with the AZ5 isn't great. Personally I think it's great for the mak 127, slow motion really makes a difference with narrow fov and high magnification. Movement is really smooth with the mak on it, quite easy to get a good balance.
  6. Good Cleaning Cloth?

    I agree with John on the Baader Wonder Fluid and cloth - excellent stuff. I think I would be too scared to use other stuff now, after reading stories....and damaging one of my own eyepieces by not cleaning it properly.
  7. New telescope

    Hi Daniel, The mak 127 is a brilliant scope - which I have recently obtained. I would echo the comments of it being more specialised towards lunar, planets and double stars. Although it is perfectly capable of allowing you to view some of the brighter and smaller DSOs. After playing with mine for a few sessions, I realise that I love it. But that I might not have stuck with it if it had been my very first scope. It's difficult to get a low power, wide field view through it... which could make star hoping and navigating difficult, especially if you're wanting a manual AZ5 mount (unless you're only really wanting it for lunar and planets). If you have a good finder scope (rather than a red dot finder) then this can really help when navigating with the mak. Personally I use my mak on an AZ5 mount, with a 6x30 finder scope - I feel this is a great combination. I started off with a startravel 102 f5 short refractor. This gives a wide field view, which gave me the chance to learn to navigate around the sky. I still have this scope and actually use it along side the mak, because they're both good at different things. I've not used a heritage 130 myself but I've read good things, and it would give you the wider views that would make starting out a bit easier. Good luck!!! And enjoy the hobby :-)
  8. New SW AZ5

    I find the pillar and head pretty sturdy. On the normal tripod that comes with the AZ5, damping is very slow and vibrations are terrible - with legs fully extended I measured 6-7 seconds to damp vibrations from a knock. With the legs collapsed then it's in the 3-4 second range. Changed the tripod to a 1.75" steel leg (still with pillar and AZ5 head) and the same level of knock now dampens down in less than 1 second. I did find that the legs on my AZ5 tripod were a bit lose (after my knock experiment) so I'm going to tighten it all up and try again. @Mark at Beaufort i think I have the same celestron tripod that I got with my astromaster. The skywatcher one seems to be a similar build, so hopefully with a bit of tinkering, I can get vibrations down to 2 seconds.
  9. Apo Barlow and Ortho Eyepiece

    I have the BST version of that Barlow. Personally I think it's pretty good for the price. I've had a couple of cheap skywatcher and celestron barlows before and it's noticeably better. More "invisible" optically. I'm not experienced enough to give you a technical review of it - but when I used the skywatcher and celestron ones, I was always browsing for something better. Since I got this one, I've stopped looking. I'm not saying it'll be on par with a Televue powermate or anything, but for the price I'm very happy and don't think I'll replace it any time soon. I use it with celestron x-cel lx and vixen slv eye pieces.
  10. Star Atlas

    I use Sky & Telescope Pocket Atlas and Sky Safari (app on android - tablet and phone) for my star maps. Then I use Turn Left at Orion and the following book for an idea of things to look at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-Guide-Astronomical-Wonders-Observer/dp/0596526857
  11. So does the 90 mak actually have a slightly larger fov compared to the 127? If I'm remembering correctly, I think I read somewhere that the 127 is around 1.1 degree. Niall, the following equations will give you tfov for an eyepiece: True field of view = apparent field of view / magnification Or substituting magnification: Tfov = afov / (scope focal lengh / eyepiece focal length)
  12. Ach that's a shame. Was nice of you to sell your toys so that the wee ones could get unbelievably priced electronic gifts! Glad you managed to pick up a 90 for yourself though. Interested to hear how you get on with it.
  13. Can't help, but I'm interested to learn this one as well! Did you swap your 127 for a 90?
  14. 3.2 mm BST

    I bought the 3.2mm BST earlier this year to use with my ST102. To be honest... I've only really used it a couple of times. It gives me around 150x which is maybe a bit much for the short frac. In hindsight, I probably could have done without it. Especially now that I have a 127 mak that I use for higher magnification. Maybe have a wee play about here: http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ and see if you think it would be useable on objects you tend yo observe. I'm happy with the quality of it, it's my first BST and I would buy more. Just feel that, for me personally, a different focal length would maybe have got more use.
  15. Help with grab&go options

    No experience with the Bresser, but I recently got a skymax 127 to accompany my ST102 f5 frac. I absolutely love it for moon, planets and clusters. It's not the best for nebulas, but great for clusters (open and globular). I live in Edinburgh so have light pollution issues as well. I use an AZ5 manual alt az mount and haven't really found issues with the field of view. I use a RACI finder rather than an RDF, and find things I'm after fairly quickly. Plenty of these about, so could probably pick up a second hand one and save yourself some money...to use on other shiny things! If you want something a bit lighter, maybe consider the skymax 102. It's got good reviews as well and would cool down a bit quicker. I keep my 127 in the house and don't find cool down much of an issue. Put scope outside first, then set up mount, grab a coffee, get my eye pieces out. Put scope on mount and I'm good to go.