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  1. Thanks Martin for some brilliant ideas and you explained your techniques very clearly.
  2. AstroPaul


    I know this is a poor image compared to most posted on here but this is my first image of a galaxy, that is an object I could not even see in the eyepiece or the camera screen. I had to adjust the framing 'blind' based adjustments used to centre a nearby bright star Also, its very short on exposure, 12 minutes from a total of 32x30second subs, with manual polar alignment and camera controlled by the mount's handset using the camera 'shoot' mode. I was actually pleasantly suprised I got anything at all but everything worked fine. Stacked in DSS with very little processing (there so little data
  3. AstroPaul


    Imaging from East Midlands
  4. Does it have a finderscope and is focuser dual speed? Any other 'deluxe' features?
  5. Looks good. Is there a finderscope and is the focuser dual speed? Not sure what is included in the 'deluxe' version but would expect these to be. 

    1. paulastro


      Sorry, I'm confused, I dont know what you are talking about?  🤔

    2. AstroPaul


      Sorry my fault. Reply meant for someone else.

  6. Made one for my SW200p by rolling black plastic damp course membrane (buy in 25m roll!) over the end of the scope overlapping it and pulling it tight. Push it hard up against the screws near the end of the tube. Secure the roll with a few pieces of strong black fabric tape. Then repeat the process over the first roll and again over the second roll, extending it to a total length of about 250mm. Its still very floppy so carefully cover the inside and outside with layers of tape to add stiffness. Tape is a bit tricky to handle especially inside the tube but as it stiffens it gets easier...honest
  7. I have a SW 250PDS OTA and want to use it mostly visual observing. I also have a SW 200P for simple astrophotos on a SW HEQ5 Pro SynScan. Is there a Dob mount such as the Bresser that would be capable of mounting the 250 size scope or do I have to make one. I have already done this for the 200P so I have the skill but it takes time and does not save a signicant amount of money. Any advice welcome. I can mount the 250pds on HEQ5 (photo) but its on the payload limit and the eyepiece would be more accessible on a Dob.
  8. Did exhaustive search for a cable for my HEQ5 hand controller to connect to dslr remote shutter socket which should be available fron ' your local SW shop'. Believe me the cable does not exist. Its a wierd mix of RJ12 plug on one end and 2.5mm jack plug on the other. They even need different cables. Undaunted after much research I commisioned Leads Direct to make a cable. For auto AP it will be very useful. Set up the various parameters, select Shoot and go inside for a well earned hot drink. The cable should arrive tomorrow and with bated breath will test it indoors and report result. A camer
  9. I have a new SW HEQ5 Pro and learning how to use it. It sounds impressive after using a simple EQ5 for a year. Despite all the hi tec I still would like to use simple control knobs for manual tracking, when perhaps there is no electrical power available. I see there are short shaft stubs under 2 small rubber covers on the mount that imply that control knob could be attached to them. The handbook says nothing about them so does anyone if they can be used for manual control, like the EQ5? The shafts are larger than those on the EQ5 so normal control knobs will not fit.
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