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  1. Hi Louis,sorry i`m late replying...its as you described above ...kinda like it goes dimmer as for the percentage its proberbly 40%...deffo does not got to the field stop...i can live with it for now...but i prob will get a Baader further down the line.
  2. hi john and thanks but alas too late as i went ahead n purchased the mentioned zoom...however thanks for advice of the orion and altair lightwave...i will research these for a future purchase...a long way off down the road at this moment.
  3. hi,no i never got the chance,the views are quite nice of the moon zoomed in...but zoomed into say M42 it has a dark ring around the centre...same with the beehive cluster too...it`ll do for now though,i have some other ep`s that i fall back on.
  4. oh thats a good idea i shall try that,never even entered my head to try,thanks Louis
  5. the extension tube has a compression ring....my other 2inch ep just drops right in perfectly but this orion ep has a machined raised part to its tube...thats whats causing the tightness.
  6. hi louis, yes it fits perfectly without the extension tube. i thought the same thing as yourself...get some emery cloth. it may only need a miniscule shaving off of it but thats a lot of rubbing!
  7. Hi All,hope you are well,i need some advice everyone...i just got the orion Q70 32mm 2 inch eyepiece the other day for my skywatcher 200p dob..excitedly tried it last night...well...its a tight fit in the extension tube where as the other 2inch EP i have(stella lyra) fits in no problem...i would like to continue leaving the extension tube in for various reasons...so has anyone out there had an issue with very tight fitting eyepieces?..i had to be quite forcefull putting the EP in...kinda had to push n twist..any advice/suggestions to ease my worry,many thanks in advance...cheers Mark
  8. Thanks John it makes sense now,so i`m ok with just that one 2 inch ep you think? i was worried i`d have to get a whole `range `of `em to match my 1.25`s....phew!!!
  9. Hi All,so i was doing a bit of research the other day on 2 inch ep`s and i came across one ep that the owner said made his 10inch dob nose heavy because of the weight,wow i thought that must weigh like a brick!,now,i have recently bought a StellaLyra 30mm 2inch ep from flo,i like it a lot,it weighs 285 grams and that got me thinking...just what is a safe weight a 2inch ep can reach without upsetting the balance of a dob?...i have a skywatcher 200p ...any thoughts /suggestions?...i would like a few more 2inch ep`s but that discussion will be for another thread soon. cheers Mark
  10. cheers banjaxed,i managed to find said 35mm extension tube phew hope this sorts it
  11. thank you all for the replies,i did some more digging on the net and found a blog by a guy named neil english,its a full 200p dob review of what it can n can`t achieve,pros &cons etc..theres a section i came across where he heas the same problem as me and he fitted a 35mm orion extension tube, now i can`t locate his exact extension tube and the same goes for a 35mm one but if i do go down this route =what mm size should i get ?...30mm...40mm? is that too much or not enough?
  12. Hi All, Hope you are all well. right then,i received said eyepiece promptly from FLO(great service thanks) yesterday afternoon,so this morning at 5am ,(giddy as a school boy) i set my skywatcher 200p dob up..popped in the EP and could`nt achieve focus...hmmm i thought..so after quick research it turns out i may need an extension tube???..did`nt know this...flo have plenty to choose from but i do need help in acquiring the correct one. Do they all do the same thing for all types of scope or is there a specific one/two for my size dob??..i dont want to break the bank but i would like a reputable one.Also do i need to use this extension tube with every 2inch EP that i get in the future?(if i get more...expensive hobby collecting EP`s!)...if anyone can advise me i would be most appreciative..budget for this extension tube between £30-60. any links to FLO`s extension tubes would be happily received thanks again everyone. Mark
  13. well,after much deliberation with my bank balance i opted to go for the OVL Hyperflex zoom...great service by FLO as always,the EP looks very nice.There is no click stop when rotating the zoom but i`ll see how i get on with that.Also the rotation is smooth but slightly stiff but in time maybe this will free up a smidge but i can live with it,its no drama. when we get a clear night i`ll be straight out there but alas with me getting said EP i fear i may have cursed our beloved hobby with more clouds and rain GGGRRRRR!
  14. thanks for taking the time to type all that out,was an interesting summary. in your opinion how would the Hyperflex zoom fair in my 200p dob?..i`m also now looking at reviews on the Olivon 8-24mm zoom ep...this is becoming a mine field ha ha!
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