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  1. I hope i'm posting this question in the right place , i'm sorry if this has been asked before but i can't seem to find a clear answer to this question : Where and when on earth does the moon reach the zenith ? does it even happen ? Thank you ! Dan.
  2. Thank you , i'm using the Celestron 130 SLT
  3. Captured with a 5" Reflector and a ASI 120 MC camera , hope you like it ! Dan.
  4. Thank you all , glad to hear you liked it ! Dan.
  5. Hello , Seeing wasn't very good but i think they came up okay , hope you like it ! Dan.
  6. Heh i wish ! , i live in the central area of Israel (very close to sea level). Thank you , all these shots were taken with an ASI 120 MC camera , highly recommended !
  7. Hello , The arrival of May marks my first year into the hobby of Astrophotography so i thought it would be neat to make a solar system image including the best shot of each of object i shot so far. Hope you like it ! Dan.
  8. Thank you all for the positive feedback , i'm glad you liked it Here's some details for those who asked for them : Equipment : *Celestron 130 SLT scope (5" primary , 650 FL) *X3 Meade barlow *ASI 120 MC camera Capture & Process : *Firecapture for capturing the AVI , note that by decreasing the ROI to 320x200 and carefully tracking manually i was able to achieve ~100 FPS. *35k frames captured (350 sec AVI) and 50% frames stacked in AS!2 *Wavelength + color adjustments in Registax6 Captured from central area of Israel. Hope this helps , Dan.
  9. Hey , Had some decent seeing and decided to take a shot at Saturn with my 5" Reflector , hope you like it Dan.
  10. Having a hard time getting a decent image of Mars with a 5" aperture but i'm quite pleased with this one , hope you like it ! Dan.
  11. Hi , this is my first Mars shot taken with an ASI 120 MC cam and an 130 SLT celestron reflector , Hope you like it ! Dan.
  12. Hi , i recently shared this shot of Jupiter with you but i felt i dropped the ball on the processing , after reading about ways to improve i reprocessed the shot and i am more pleased with the way it turned out and wanted to share it with you guys since the initial process didn't do the data justice , hope you like it Scope : Celestron 130 SLT , Cam : ASI 120 MC Dan.
  13. Hi , so after a few rainy days i figured i'll make the best of the good weather tonight and took a shot of Jupiter with my 5" reflector and ASI 120 mc cam. Hope you like it Dan. stack 2.bmp
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