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  1. Just adjusted the float adjuster as it was too tight, now I'm out testing and my RMS value is 0.8"
  2. Just had a look at the bearing and there seems to be a complete lack of grease inside too Sorry for this too, I've got quite confused. Got a video here and was just wondering how far the bearing should go in or what you mean by pre-loading it? Should've probably been wearing gloves too Apologies again, Matt VID_20201028_185836582.mp4
  3. Actually found something weird, I don't have the outer roller, just the bearing. Edit: I do, just didn't look like it at first
  4. So is this essentially saying don't tighten up the counterweight collar too much and only nip it?
  5. I bought it second hand from tomatobro two years ago, so I'll ask him what he did
  6. Just wondering how you go about tightening the tapered bearing?
  7. Do the tapered bearings have much impact on performance?
  8. I think what I might do is order the smaller bearings and regrease everything in the process, then if the 6006 larger bearings are a problem, placing an order for those
  9. Sorry about bringing this thread back but I was wondering which bearings are the best to replace. My guess is the small worm gear bearings rather than the large axis ones? Trying not to spend too much. Ordered some WD-40 Degreaser and Superlube from Amazon already with the intent of stripping down and regreasing. I'm thinking of jusst replacing the smaller worm gear bearings and then re greasing the larger ones rather than replacing since they cost too much and don't add much to the performance? Matt
  10. High Quality Refractor Focuser wanted
  11. Here's my modified HOO attempt. Good luck to everyone, there's already so many stunning renditions! Processing done in Pixinsight. Here are my brief steps that I took for Ha and OIII: Deconvolution StarMask Extract Lum, stretch and create range mask for highest areas of signal Get PSF using PSFImage script Applied 20 iterations of deconvolution Stretched Lum out to 75% along the histogram for an MLT mask Applied a subtle amount of MLT to both filters Non Linear Stage: Stretched using HistogramTransformation Used Jon Rista's masks method for TGV for both filters Applied small amount of TGV to Ha and a little more to OIII PixelMath combination of R = Ha, G = OIII*0.5+Ha*0.5, B = OIII Starnet++ to get rid of stars Curves transformation for saturation and overall brightness ColourMask for the blues RangeMask and CloneStamp to get rid of residual background and only exposing the crescent itself Curves just for the blue outer shell ExponentialTransform to brighten nebula LocalHistogramEqualization for constrast UnsharpMask for more crispiness DarkStructureEnchance StarMask and MorphologicalTransformation for smaller stars
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