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  1. Hi Guys I have a Skywatcher 150p on a EQ3-2 mount. I use a webcam in the eyepiece connected to a Raspberry Pi that streams and records video - I have it connected through the home wireless network so i can view the live video from a pc tablet or phone. So far so good. I have also recently brought a Skywatcher enhanced dual axis motor drive. The hand control an has a ST4 connection for a auto- guider. I got to thinking about installing a copy of Stellarium onto the Rpi and making a connection to the ST4 connection on the hand control so that it works as a GoTo control. Do you think this would be possible? I would welcome your thoughts.
  2. Welcome to SGl - from yet another yellow belly
  3. Browny

    Hello one and all

    Hi Dough. Welcome to SGL - a great place for advice and information. Enjoy!
  4. Browny

    Man Flu

    Hope the sky clears here tonight so I can do some imaging. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Welcome to SGL. North East Lincs here - not quite Alicante !
  6. Great pictures. Hoping to get out tonight to observe Jupiter. Its been too cloudy-too wet and too cold in north east lincs lately.
  7. Great article. I have the same issue and hopefully armed with the reasons why this is I can resolve the issue. I will you know if and when I do.!
  8. I leave my Newtonian fully mounted in the dining room with all caps in place. I demount it before taking it out.
  9. This is an interesting subject. My niece has a similar problem and being new to this I couldn't really advise her other that to check the co-ords she was putting in. Thanks guys I now have some more suggestions for her to try.
  10. Hi Everyone. I have settled for a Sywatcher 150p on a EQ3-2 mount. I saw it on a site called "preloved" (a bit like ebay) . It has come with 2x Barlows lens, super 10mm lens and a super 25 wide angle lens and a finder scope. The whole kit is in immaculate condition and saved me more than £150 if I have bought brand new. The guy I bought it from delivered by hand to ensure it didnt get damaged during transit. I have it all set up and waiting for a clear sky. Happy days (nights)
  11. Hi thankyou for the welcome
  12. Hi Thank you for the welcome
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