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  1. Hi Guys I have a Skywatcher 150p on a EQ3-2 mount. I use a webcam in the eyepiece connected to a Raspberry Pi that streams and records video - I have it connected through the home wireless network so i can view the live video from a pc tablet or phone. So far so good. I have also recently brought a Skywatcher enhanced dual axis motor drive. The hand control an has a ST4 connection for a auto- guider. I got to thinking about installing a copy of Stellarium onto the Rpi and making a connection to the ST4 connection on the hand control so that it works as a GoTo control. Do you think this would be possible? I would welcome your thoughts.
  2. Welcome to SGl - from yet another yellow belly
  3. Browny

    Hello one and all

    Hi Dough. Welcome to SGL - a great place for advice and information. Enjoy!
  4. Browny

    Man Flu

    Hope the sky clears here tonight so I can do some imaging. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Welcome to SGL. North East Lincs here - not quite Alicante !
  6. Great pictures. Hoping to get out tonight to observe Jupiter. Its been too cloudy-too wet and too cold in north east lincs lately.
  7. Great article. I have the same issue and hopefully armed with the reasons why this is I can resolve the issue. I will you know if and when I do.!
  8. I leave my Newtonian fully mounted in the dining room with all caps in place. I demount it before taking it out.
  9. This is an interesting subject. My niece has a similar problem and being new to this I couldn't really advise her other that to check the co-ords she was putting in. Thanks guys I now have some more suggestions for her to try.
  10. Browny

    291213 021637ut

    Great shots, I am new to astronomy and interested in astrophotography. I have a sywatcher 150p reflector and have fitted a ccd webcam to this. I intend to take a short video and use registax to compile a photo. Have you any advice?
  11. Hi Everyone. I have settled for a Sywatcher 150p on a EQ3-2 mount. I saw it on a site called "preloved" (a bit like ebay) . It has come with 2x Barlows lens, super 10mm lens and a super 25 wide angle lens and a finder scope. The whole kit is in immaculate condition and saved me more than £150 if I have bought brand new. The guy I bought it from delivered by hand to ensure it didnt get damaged during transit. I have it all set up and waiting for a clear sky. Happy days (nights)
  12. Hi Thank you for the welcome
  13. Hi thank you for the welcome.
  14. This is exactly how started too. Didnt bother initially lining up with the pole star - I could see the Moon and Jupiter so why would I want to do that? I now take the time to do things properly and makes observing alot easier. Andromeda is going to be my next target too.
  15. SGL is a great source of information for a beginner like me. I have just about got used to navigating around the site and now finding lots of advice and articles that answers many of the simple questions that a someone like me are too embarrassed to ask . Having said that everyone on here have been great and more than happy to take the time to answer any of my "newbie type" questions.
  16. Mid week I took delivery of a motor drive. Got it rigged up to the mount and sky has been overcast /wet/windy eversince in North East Linc's:-(
  17. FLO sorted out a long bolt for my eq3-2mount. They weren't shown on the website but if you email them they will reply promptly and source one for you. Excellent service from FLO
  18. Hi Jammy.I have a similar app on my iPhone. I would agree that's its a great tool for finding your way round the sky.
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