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  1. Why so many Darks, i have always heard and thought that anything over 16 you dont gain anything more in calibration , interested to see an image with 16 Darks to compare. Nice image, either way. Roger
  2. Great image, do you have to collimate the Tak Epsilon much? Roger
  3. Nice one Nigella , nice and high you will have a great FOV,what camera do yu intend to use? Roger
  4. Yes best to start with Binos 10x50`s will suffice, Roger
  5. Cool idea , but i wont tell you what my nephew said he thought mine looks like when i imaged it Roger
  6. Nice , is that guider carbon fibre as it has that appearance? Roger
  7. Hope you have as much fun as I have imaging/ Observing , Roger
  8. Primalucelab is a good company i have the clamp and its really well made,spent way too much with them, Roger
  9. Yes i got that spot as well yesterday , i also now use a power adapter, Roger
  10. You will love that as ihave had one for a while , it does what it says on the tin.I must get the power adapter to save batteries, when you pack away take out the unit holding the batteries , just in case they leak. Have you imaged the Sun or an observer? Roger
  11. QHY183c and a selection og spacers, Looks like i am doing a Dark library until the weekend. Roger
  12. My favourite Gerry Anderson series, cracking music and opening sequence, and ohhh Wanda Ventham(Sherlocks Mum), Roger
  13. What would happen if you put a EFW with narrowband filters on a OSC, would you get the best of both worlds or just no benefit? Roger
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