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  1. Last nights results , first the data registered and cropped in Registar with the OSC image as Reference, Roger
  2. I use one of those Skywatcher power packs for my ASC dew heater but very useful for lots of things, Roger
  3. Just looked through weather apps and still unsure about tonight , cant see a lot of cloud coming our way and sometimes dissipates after sundown. At the mo Sat night and Wed night the best chance here, Roger
  4. CO Vs Actual,temp pretty close, Roger
  5. Wonder why they decided 32oF would be freezing point?? Its weird how we use Fahrenheit for hot ie "Its 90oc" but when its freezing we use Centigrade"ie Minus 1 oC", ????? Roger
  6. Knocking on 30`s door here, Roger
  7. What did they do before GOTO just manually slewing around? When was goto deployed? Roger
  8. Morning all, just surfaced ,mexican coffee downed, ripe for processing, Roger
  9. night carole, all done here so covering up and having some shut eye, night all, Roger
  10. While i am waiting i platesolved my guidescope image and thats almost on target as well , quite by luck, Roger
  11. Wow , 251 x 60s subs on QHY OSC and 22 x Ha 900s, Roger
  12. Just waiting for guiding to go off and do flats, have covered up ASC as dew forming as didnt bother powering it, seem to have got a meteor , video above slow it down to view more slowly, Roger
  13. Best to slow down a bit, Roger NVEExport.mp4
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