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  1. i am going to try and image it as i have the Ra and Dec set in APT,not hopeful. Roger
  2. I`m Ambidextrous , i can write buggerall with both hands.. Roger
  3. You can always tell who does touch type , they tend to write "War and peace", length comments or topics , one of my sisters is one of those , sure she took the Pitmans training years ago!! Roger
  4. Just watched "Horizon" from the other night , what a great program . It showed the New Horizon probe that flew passed Pluto and all discoveries on this so called dead world, who`d have thought a massive Volcano produced with water and Ammonia , also a liquid nitrogen lake that flowed into a 1000 mile wide impact crater and loads of other interesting stuff like a liquid water ocean under the surface , the solar system just keeps giving oh and an atmosphere with similar gases in it as the Earth!! Thoroughly recommend it. Roger
  5. I only have to calibrate once for the duration that my kit stays outside , it saves it. Roger
  6. **** ing weather forecast was for cloud so looked outside at 1030 ish and cloud was rolling in but now its a beautiful clear night ,but CO says 30% cloud now!!! May make up for it sat/sun/mon though as looks green. Night all. Roger
  7. Last night effort in Ha Caught the two pillars of creation..WoW. Roger
  8. Just woke , camera seemed to have stopped . restarted for Flats , then to bed. Night all. Roger
  9. First Ha3.5 of SH2-171 orNGC7822 900s Roger
  10. The Stars are out tonight for me ,for me Roger
  11. Current setup for the next few days until i get may redcat51 and QHY183MC OSC delivered. Roger
  12. What would happen if you put a EFW with narrowband filters on a OSC, would you get the best of both worlds or just no benefit? Roger
  13. Helios 20x90 Giant Binoculars Collect Or add £20 postage(Parcelforce 48) Helios Quantum 4 - 20 x 90 Binoculars Binoculars come in a sturdy case, complete with caps. They are in great condition. Very good for Astronomy. £160 - Collect Or add £20 postage(Parcelforce 48) AstroBuy&Sell link for contact detials. Roger
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