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  1. Wanted: 9mm Skywatcher Myriad or 9mm TS-Optics XWA 100 eyepieces.
  2. Don't forget the extra light path you will be adding to your telescope...shrinking your aperture and lengthening your focal length...no idea why someone would want to put a crayford on an sct...people really should read more.
  3. Wanted: 10mm Meade MWA & 20mm Meade XWA You got em I'll buy em
  4. Hey what happened between the comparison
  5. For this discussion's sake, I bought and compared a pair of UO HD Phase II Orthos, Sterling Plossls & Tele Vue Plossls, all 25mm focal length, in monoview and binoview modes, and the TV Plossls came out on top. I'd love to compare them to Tak's and Brandon's sometime, but I don't want to bother as I'd prefer to have more fov.. So far a Radian 14mm has given me the best view of Jupiter, as well a barlowed 25mm tv plossl pair. I can't wait to try the Delos 12mm I just happened to get! All this in a C8 Edge HD.
  6. Hahaha funny pic and replies...now where can I find a gf that is into Astronomy lol
  7. Im doing afocal it's fun with some eyepieces. I might try prime. What kind of quality cam though under 500$
  8. Hard to find a non vignetting camera these days... If anyone has a good idea on one let me know!
  9. Hi Guys, I've been thinking of a similar setup the past few days and found this topic.. I have an Celestron 8" Edge HD SCT, and want to buy a Dew Not Heated Strip http://agenaastro.com/dew-not-dew-remover.html and attach it to the top of the OTA on the corrector lens and than also add an Astrozap Dew Shield. These are the strip's specs: Model, Length in In, mm, Watts, Voltage, Amperage DN009 30.0" (762mm) 14.0 12v 1.18 I'd like to know 2 things: 1) Can I get by without wasting 100$ on a controller and just leave it to the maximum setting? (I just want to heat the OTA) 2) And also, which battery to buy? Is there not a battery that can shoot out half the amperage? If not, which inexpensive battery can I buy? Thanks!
  10. What 2-3 accessories would one recommend for better views through binoviewers for the sun!
  11. Hey Mark, nice setup! That Mak must be fantastic too! Let me ask you, what led you to buy a Herschel Wedge over a stand alone solar scope like a Lunt? I'm asking because that is something I will need to decide on next year. Damn those persistent clouds today, there was a formation of clouds that did not want to leave the Sun alone, as if the Sun was pulling them wherever they went. From 3pm onwards, incredible! Also, sometimes I would see doubles with my binoviewers, even though I would not touch the setup. This happened mostly when I would go in the house and come back out after an hour. I would sit down and see doubles, but when I would stand more straight as if my eyes were pointing down the diagonal, than I would see one version of the Sun and not double. It was a bit annoying. Tomorrow I received the Baader Standard Diagonal and 10mm connector visual back, maybe this will help too.
  12. First Solar Sight with binoviewers, completely blown away, IMAX 3D view I don't think I've experienced such a view. After trying to locate the sun for a few minutes, (it's tricky, especially at near zenith), using a Nexstar 6SE telescope with Solar Film, I finally framed it in my 31mm Baader Aspheric eyepiece. I switched to a 17.3mm Delos and than a 13mm Nagler. All provided great views, especially the Delos for some reason, it's view seems bigger than the stated 72 degrees. Right before the clouds moved in, I thankfully remembered to try my new Arcturus (generic?) Binoviewers with my only double eyepiece, 13mm T6 Naglers. RIght before I focued in, the view had already blown me away, when I got the focusing right I felt as if I had just stuck my head into an Imax 3d screen and was watching what seemed like an white object the size of Jupiter at the distance of the Moon or closer. I saw Jupiter because the big current sunspot on the sun reminded me of the red spot on Jupiter. Anyways, it was like seeing something really close and in grand style, I never seen anything like it. I really recommend to anyone to try binoviewers, I can't wait to try out the moon tonight as well. This is spectacular, my interest in the hobby has now been altered, and for good. For the price of a 2nd eyepiece and 150$ binoviewers, you can get an image just like the one I saw, it's amazing, really recommended, wow, wow,.... wow. Please do not ever look at the sun without the proper solar filters for your telescope or binoculars. Great stuff wow.... I got the view of the sun as the first clouds were passing through and it still looked great, hopefully the will clear out soon. I tried to stick in a 1.85x barlow that came with the binoviewers and was not capable.....At first I regretted buying a 2nd 13mm eyepiece for binoviewing, but not even a 10mm or 8mm would make a great view for solar or lunar perhaps. I need to get 2 20mm eyepieces as well though, this is fantastic. It really is an great immersive experience.
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