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  1. Doug you need to take a leaf out of my book and combine that glass of red or in my case Captain Morgan's and combine it with a lunar session. You will feel almost Armstrong, like you are actually there, especially if you have a Questar. Mmmmm
  2. I just managed to grab half an hour of moon observing before the clouds rolled in. It was also a chance to see how good Antonin Rukis reverse moon map is. This is an excellent moon map and really well detailed. Although it’s hand drawn I could easily identify every crater I chose to and also Serpentine ridge on Mare Serenitatis. I’ve wanted to know what that was called for a while now. Its great how the Q can still perform really well even without cool down. loving the Questar and studying the moon with it.
  3. God dag Peter and welcome to the forum.
  4. I have an excellent 10mm Delos I’ve just put up for sale on here. £250
  5. Less than a year old and in excellent condition. Very little use. £250
  6. I love the Brecon Beacons and have been to snowdonia a couple of times. You don’t have to travel far to have dark skies or see the Milky Way in Wales.
  7. Hi, I have just put one on Astro buy and sell this morning. PM me if still interested. Matty
  8. Thanks. It’s incredibly solid and oozes quality. Questar make incredible mounts too.
  9. Absolutely, dark nights and crispy cold ones at that make great viewing. Look after that flu and get better soon. I’ve just realised who you are. Cloudy nights ?
  10. Telescope curses are real. Let's get that out of the way first. It's not coincidence or bad luck etc etc that you can have a week of clear sky, then cloud, wind and rain, it's a flipping curse. That said i was heading to work on a night shift with my new Questar sitting in it's posh little case on the back seat and tonight the weather was behaving itself. Luckily i didn't need the beautiful Tristand as there is a rather convenient picnic bench on the lawn in front of the office. (God bless BT) so that was rather handy. After work had died down a bit and it got to around 10pm i grabbed the little Q and set it up which only took round 30 seconds. First views of the stars through the 24mm Brandon was superb. Really refractor like jewels against a dark background. Vega exhibited a pleasing airy disc which testifies to the incredible optics. The place where i work is quite light polluted though luckily it's white light and there was an annoying full moon but i was very very pleased with the way the Q performed. Unfortunately saturn was disappearing behind a tree which unfortunately has lots of annoying little leaves however the glimpses i got were superb and the Brandon 24 once the Barlow was engaged really performed. The flick of a lever engages the finder which is then used to find and centre the object. Flick that off and engage the Barlow and you are then rocking. Everything is to hand without even taking your eye from the eyepiece, just superb. Pollution and seeing made the 12mm Brandon a little less sharp though still pleasing. The 24mm is really lovely but there are still some comparison work to do with those and the Televues. I managed to nip out again at 5.30am and got a beautiful beautiful view of M42. The trapezium and dust lanes were magnificent and i can really see what all the fuss is about with Questars and the pack away time after the fix is a pure joy. Unlock the Dec lock and rotate tube to 90 degrees, screw in the finder focuser and pick up and put away in it's plush padded case. Just sublime and exactly what i require for my astronomy. I cannot wait for Jupiter again and to get some doubles under my belt. Happy stargazing, Matty
  11. Questar 3.5 with Broadband.

    Questar Tristand pier.

    Altair Astro 60mm starwave.


  12. Yes i was getting excited by the opposition however dust storms put paid to that and it didn’t turn into the show I had expected.
  13. Those Quartz glass are really nice. I think they are guaranteed to 1/10th wave now as in the 50th anniversary model. I did a first light and am incredibly impressed with this scope.
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