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  1. My flight-compatible setup is what you'rw considering: Az-Gti, 130 Flextube and a Sirui carbon fiber tripod. Fits in cabin luggage. 130 flextube does sit ok on Az-Gti though the overall setup is rather wobbly on high powers. Also with limited tripod leg spread it's somewhat easy to knock over though that has not happened thus far.
  2. This probably has something to do with the Synscan app not behaving well on the newest Android 8.x. Had no problems on an older Samsung, does not work on new Nokia 6.1.
  3. Selling the thing would indeed appear to be the best solution if you don't have the equipment to make use of the lens.
  4. How smooth is the tracking on SolarQuest? I find that with my AzGti there's a constant jitter in the tracking as the movement jumps appear discernible (vs. e.g. Star Discovery mount tracking) even at the lowish powers used for solar observing.
  5. Any chance the central block could in fact be an IR pass filter?
  6. I'm beginning to think this is a common issue with the SW Star Discovery mount. My first SWSD stopped slewing in AZ very often, got it replaced and now the second one is doing the same thing regularly. I think the issue is not power as the AZ motor is running, but rather that the friction between the motor drive and the rotating mount part is not sufficient. The tightness of AZ is not externally adjustable, but there probably is internally some adjustment possibility.
  7. I use the SW Star Discovery altaz goto mount with my Lunt 60. I find the solar tracking to be very nice when it works, and it works reasonably reliably. It's also sufficient for short solar imaging runs. Edit: I als occasionally use the mount with SW 100ED and lunt solar wedge. Gets a bit wobbly when focusing but otherwise also good
  8. While I understand that going with binos helps with detail scaling, i'd hazard a guess that color loss due to dimness is still there as cones do not get enough light to get stimulated to begin with. Increasing aperture is would naturally help in many ways, but does not address the question "what's a good EP for my telescope X for seeing object Y". With 100ED there's also the benefit that e.g. for me setup from zero -> tracking takes <5min. Finally I don't think the Delites qualify as exotic, they're just basic high-quality EPs
  9. An innocent question here: wouldn't a binoviewer + barlow in 100ED, which is already pretty dim at ~150x, make Jupiter pretty much undesirably dim?
  10. Yes, at least subjectively for me. I was originally considering a Vixen SLV 6mm, but decided to go for the 7mm since I felt the problems at 5mm were quite significant and wanted to get a clear difference. The 7mm Delite (which is, BTW, excessively comfortable with eye placement) fits all Galilean moons in FOV, so I would hazard a guess that for Jupiter the wider FOV of a Nagler would be wasted.
  11. AZ Goto has such low power requirement especially when tracking that I found the Celestron LiFePO4 to be quite perfect. Not very expensive, reasonable sealed and works for days without recharge when tracking the sun. Only issues for me have been that the charge indicator is difficult to read (indicator led lighting splits between spots) and the rubber cover hinges snapped after a cold night. Otherwise perfect.
  12. I just got the 7mm Delite for my 100ED precisely for Jupiter viewing. I felt it's the optimal focal length in terms of magnification (large enough Jup), brightness (can see colours) and exit pupil size (some floaters but not too bad). In my 5mm X-Cel LX Jupiter was washed out in terms of color, seeing issues were very apparent and floaters distracting. With the 7mm got to see GRS in color
  13. ..and this tracking depends on the mount being level, although in practise leveling by eye seems to be sufficient.
  14. In the most recent Synscan firmware version you have solar tracking mode inbuilt. Just enter date/time info, no alignment, point to sun and activate solar tracking from the utility menu
  15. I've used the HEQ5 wih 200PDS and it's fine for visual as long as there is no wind, and can take a camera for limited unguided imaging. A focus motor is necessary to avoid bad wobbling on focusing. With guidescope etc. the total weight is too much for the mount.
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