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  1. Thank Carole, I only have narrowband filters at the moment so willing to give any DSO a go Its been well over a year since I have managed to start finding time to get out imaging.
  2. Last night/this morning I managed a rare night where I had a bit of time to do a bit of Astrophotography. My target was IC434 The Horsehead Nebula. Two edits both in narrowband They are a bit soft but I do need to get a fair few more hours worth of data not to mention very rusty at post processing Last night I managed 3.5 hours - Each sub was 900s long, Ha x 9 subs, OIII x 3 subs and SII x 2 subs using: SW Equinox 80 APO and Flattener EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO. Guiding: SW 9x 50 finder guider and QHY5. Atik 314L+ mono CCD Baader HA 7nm, OIII 8.5nm Using: Artemis captur
  3. Hi all, Its been a very long time since I have been here, let alone have time for imaging, but finally got out last night Heart of The Heart Nebula, IC 1805/Melotte 15. 7 hours total intergration (collection of 10 min subs) in HA taken last night/morning. EQ5, Atik 314L+ CCD camera and Equinox 80 Pro scope. Better image here: https://flic.kr/p/TsbzQC
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone, thanks for the advice I will try shorter subs and lots of them, this was the first time using LRGB filters and I am more used to narrowband and longer subs
  5. M3 - Globular cluster Hi its been a while 05/05/16 Still a work in progress - more data is needed to reduce the noise, this was only one hour of lights. 4 x Red @ 300s 4 x Green @ 300s 4 x Blue @300s No calibration frames yet SW Equinox 80 APO Pro and Field Flattener EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO. Guiding: SW 9x 50 finder guider and QHY5. Atik 314L+ mono Baader RGB Filters 1.25'' Using: Artemis capture, PHD, DSS, and Photoshop CC.
  6. If it were dust bunny wouldn't it show on the Ha filter too? It they are in the same place on all LRGB filters.
  7. I have just got my hands on some 2nd hand Baadar LRGB filters 1.25'', however I seem to be have a problem and I can't seem to work out what is causing it. I have noticed what looks like a reflection or shadow of the filter wheel on my LRGB images, I have taken test shots with and without the IDAS LPS filter as I am aware that it can cause internal reflections, but the circles are there with and without it but not when I try the HA filter which is in the wheel too. they are also on my flats and using the flats doesn't remove it and the longer the sub the worse it seems. Any id
  8. Taken 15th/16th February 2016 This was last nights attempt, this time of year Orion in perfectly placed and is visible for most of the night. I decided on this target as it often gets over looked by the more popular Horsehead and Orion Nebula The night was full of guiding problems and it was nearly 11pm by the time it started to behave itself. Hoping I might get a chance to add some OIII and SII to it later this week, if everything behaves that is As always it looks a bit better in Flickr! 15 x 900s Ha (3hrs 45min) Binned 2x2 SW
  9. Well done, its a tricky little thing to image as I too found out tonight !
  10. Thank you, very difficult compared to pics of nebula!
  11. Yes I believe it is, have fun exploring it really is a great hobby !
  12. My first attempt at the ISS - harder than I thought and much smaller, I would like to get in closer eventually. Dug the 150PDS out and 650D, 1 x 1/1250 at 3200 iso and a little tweak in PS, manually tracked. Short session but it was worth it
  13. A pic of the Moon while waiting for the ISS to pass over. Dug the 150PDS out and 650D, 1 x 1/1250 at 3200 iso And a little tweak in PS Short session but worth it
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