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  1. Hi All, just a couple of quick questions which I hope someone can answer for me 1. Does anyone know what kind of electrical hook ups they have? I have one of these for when I go camping in France, will it work here? 2. Is there any phone / 3G reception at the site? I am not someone who sits on the phone / internet all day, but I would like to be contactable by the family in an emergency. NB. I am on the giffgaff (O2) network. NB. Sure I will have other questions before next Wednesday Cheers, DDS
  2. Have you told your future wife about this
  3. Here is a copy of a post from Facebook: - We have had a message regarding a burglary at the Sussex Astronomy Centre in Worthing sometime during the night of February 5th or early hours of the 6th. The following items have been stolen. 2x Celestron NexStar Evolution 8” Telescope. One with the Lens cap missing 1x Celestron NexStar 127mm SLT Telescope If some one approaches you with a telescope for sale that raises suspicion and might possibly be one of these let Sussex Police and Paul Farmer at the Sussex Astronomy Centre know. Paul can be contacted at 01903 247317
  4. Hi & Welcome , if you are after a group for just observing / imagining evening (no lecture / talk evenings), try Hantsastro who meeting up at Butser Ancient Farm just off the A3. They meeting up on good nights during the week / weekend and tend to organise themselves via Facebook (Hantsastro Facebook page) or e-mails. I had a bit of a falling out with the organiser of the group, so do not attend any of the meetings anymore, but it is a very good, friendly group. I think they organise a star party or two as well, but never been to one.
  5. Yes, might have look a bit Billy-No-Mates if I had been set up down there on my own for the first three night
  6. Hi Grant, my pitch has been changed from 51a (previous version) to 119. Don't really mind (never been to the site before, so do not know which one is better?), as long as 119 has got an EHU and is okay for a tent; fine by me
  7. It's true, when water is ultra-pure it has a density of 14.2; slightly more than that of mercury
  8. NB. If anyone lives in the North Hampshire area, I am happy to let them have as much DI water as they want; they have to come and get it though, water is heavy to ship
  9. Yes, the system we have at work is two carbon filters / followed by three RO units / followed by three DI units and finally Ultrafiltration. You are not going to see any residual after all this
  10. Exactly, if it evaporates with no trace, that is good enough. A better test would be to put a drop onto you CCD sensor, leave it to evaporate (in a clean air filtered environment), and then take a Flat. If you see nothing, it is good water. NB. No body in their right mind would actually do this
  11. In general I would disagree with this statement. I work in for a "scientific" company and our DI water system will give you water far purer that distilled water. Having said that, distilled water will be fine for cleaning a lens, not sure that I would say the same for a CCD sensor :)
  12. Finally got it sorted. Used a Multimeter and magnifying glass to work out how the bust cable was set-up and stripped back a cable I had for the Nexstar 8SE and re-wired it to match the iOptron one. Everything worked perfectly, very happy again :hello2: :hello2:
  13. [removed word], no cable found . Tried to order two of these cables from the USA site today and they want to charge me $39-90 for shipping, which just sounds a bit excessive to me. Will phone around a few iOptron dealers tomorrow and see if they can source any for me
  14. Excellent, the site say's it is the same as the one used for the ZEQ25 mount, and I have my old one of these snowballed at work so I will pop in now and see if the cable is still there with it . Will buy a spare anyway, but I will not have to get frustrated by the slowness of shipping ($19.95 for shipping for a $25 cable )
  15. EDIT. Sorry, just found the cable on iOptron's website (don't know how I missed it the first time round).
  16. Okay, I have found the problem, the cable which I connect to the RS232 port which was supplied with the CEM60 has torn at the end closest to the serial adapter end. This is very annoying as if it had ripped at the other end I could have just stripped down the cable and installed another RJ9 connector in the same way the the bust one was connected. The Serial port side is a sealed unit, so the only way I will get to find out how it is wired is by spiting it open with a chisel. I would rather not do this, so does anyone know where I can buy a replacement cable? In the CEM60 manual, this cabl
  17. Yes, but I find that once a device stops working, uninstalling drivers and then reinstalling them never works. Best bet is usually to reformat the computer and start again. I know it's a pain, but it is the safest way. Did not get to try the mount again today, but the forecast is rubbish for the next week, so on Monday I will start to investigate getting a new cable (doesn't hurt to know how much they are as I am bound to need one at some time even if it is not responsible this time round). If I get a hour to myself tomorrow, I will sort out if the cable or computer is at fault
  18. Thanks for the input . After another frustrating night last night, I am beginning to think that it might be the cable. The computer is seeing the connection in COM3, but it just does not seem to be communicating (NB. I connect it via the RS232 port). Some time today I am going to set the mount up in the warmth of the kitchen and see if I can get the computer to communicate with the hand controller. If it can do this, it is probably not the cable and I then will just reformat the whole computer and start again (learnt that just uninstalling / reinstalling drivers never works). That will b
  19. Anyone else on here using a CEM60 mount and had problems connecting it to PHD2? Last used it 9 days ago and everything worked perfectly. All set-up tonight and wired up as usual, but when I hit the connect button on PHD2 (works via iOptron Mount.NET ASCOM driver), I just get the message 'Cannot find any supported IOptron mounts!'. I know it is connected to the mount in exactly the same way as always, has anyone else seen this problem or have any ideas what is going wrong / how to fix it? Cheers, DDS
  20. Do you think it is just a coincidence that an attack like this happened when Stargazing Live was on the BBC and the level of traffic to this site is likely to be increased? Good job on spotting it so quickly
  21. If you have Pixinsight, run a quick DBE and you will be amazed at what you get back
  22. I take tend to take flats at the end of a session by just taking the scope off the mount and laying flat on a table next to the mount. I put the screen in-front of it, leaning against a chair and after messing about to get the light levels right, just knock off twenty shots. I could be wrong (wouldn't or be the first or last time ), but I do not think the direction / position of the scope matters at all. You just need to make sure that the focus is the same (not better or worse) as it was for all of the shots you just took. If clouds float over, I might do the flats mid-session, but puttin
  23. Sorry for not replying sooner, only just noticed your post. I got the one linked in the first post and although it is a very good screen, I have only managed to use it once because of weather . Might not be fair to blame this fact on the screen mind you
  24. Like many people, I was out with the scope for the first time in ages last night taking advantage of the one clear night . As the forecast for the rest of the month was looking dreadful, I decided to give the Crab Nebula the One night treatment with my Esprit 120ED. It was a bit blustery, so the tracking was not the best, hence the shape of most of the stars , but you can't have everything going your way . All details of how I captured the image are on Astrobin, but any questions / comment, please ask / give . http://www.astrobin.com/231113/
  25. Set up for the first time in 6 weeks and trying my Esprit 120ED for the first time in four months. Have forgotten how much harder it is to get a decent PHD graph with this scope compared to the WO Star 71. For the WO I barely have to polar align and it just give round stars with ten minute exposures. I am struggling to get round stars with 3 minute exposures with the 120ED . Think I need a bit more practise, but as this night is going to be the one and only clear night this side of Christmas, I don't see that happening . Nice to get out again though
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