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  1. BTW - I assume you mean FireCapture (not fireculture)
  2. Many thanks, I'll take a look! If the clouds ever disappear I might try to get some images!!!
  3. Hi folks, Just dug out my modded MS Lifecam to attach to my Dob to have a go at Lunar imaging. I have an old Netbook that runs (stumbles would be more accurate) Win10. But it is sooo slow! I have an old Tosh lap-top that runs Ubuntu reasonably well, is there an equivalent package to SharpCap for Ubuntu? Don't really want to go down the Wine route, not sure if the old Tosh would cope. I have seen Qastro, but it doesn't seem to be supported anymore? Thoughts? I'm fine with processing (I have a reasonably powerful desktop that runs Win10 (and Flight Sim at hi-res, so the spec is good) that I can post-process with, it is just the capture that I need Ubuntu to do. (No, I'm NOT taking the desktop into the garden!) Thanks chaps and chapesses
  4. I'll take a look thanks (didn't know it existed). I've tried using the 'Ocular' feature on Stellarium and got very confused!
  5. Thanks! I saw this at Astrofest - should have bought it! Still not sure which why to go.
  6. I'm somewhat of a newbie to imaging, I have used a modded webcam (MS LifeCam) to image the moon but limited success. I have a Revelation 8" Dobsonian, a couple of eyepieces and a 2x Barlow. Interested in planets and moon. Camera-wise I have a Canon 80D, Lumix TZ-70 and a point and shoot Nikon. Options as I see are:- - Adapter to fit the Canon direct to the focuser - I assume I need a 'T' rings and adapter? - Baader Digiscoping adapter and use the TZ-70 (or Canon with an 18-135 USM lens, or 50mm f1.8 prime) Decent view to south, (from SE to SW) moderate light pollution, excellent views to north if you like trees! Any thoughts, advice etc very welcome. TIA Mick
  7. Excellent! Thanks for the reply. I have an EOS80D, but want to try the adapter before I commit and buy rings etc.
  8. I thought that would work. I might go high-tech and make the wedge out of wood! Thanks!
  9. Hi, I have a Revelation 8" Dob, I've done some images using a modified webcam, but I'm wondering about trying a digiscoping adapter to attach one of my (according to the wife too many!) cameras. I have the standard eyepieces, 1.25" and 2", but I notice that the didgiscope adapters say 1.25" or 2". Would a 2" work for both eyepieces? Possibly with something to pack the adapter when using a 1.25" EP??? Thanks, Mick
  10. I went on Friday this year, mainly for the talks (attended all of them apart from first 10 mins of the first!). In my opinion, the talks are the main reason for going, but I did purchase a Telrad while I was there. There did seem to be fewer traders present, but still busy on the exhibition floors. I really enjoyed the talks, particularly Matt Taylor and Brian May. Any other thoughts? Might go to IAS in October and get a zoom eyepiece if the financial controller gives me enough pocket money! When are the skies going to clear?? Mick
  11. I've been to a number of Astrofests, try to go on the Friday if the talks interest me. I've been to one IAS (at Warwick), the trade part was good, space for talks was poor. Astrofest does get crowded, but is easy for me to get to (from Reading, train in then tube), my son lives not far from IAS so if I do it this year I will stay with him. Horses for courses, trade = IAS, talks = Astrofest - all my opinion!
  12. FLO show the Telrad as being unavailable, but they do have a Rigel - similar idea?? I've got a Rev 8" Dob, would a Rigel be OK?????
  13. Aligning my finder isn't a problem - keeping it aligned is!! Lost count of the number of times I've knocked it when taking the scope outside, or hitting my head on it when reaching for a different EP off the rack.... Many mid-session re-alignments (and I've only had the scope a few weeks!) Think I will be investing in a Telrad soon, the finderscope works, but I think a Telrad will be much easier.. just need to keep my head under control!
  14. Virtual Moon Map is great, I just put my date/time of the image, followed the terminator and bingo! Can't wait until tonight!! It is going to be clear? Isn't it? Please??? This time I've read up on Sharpcap, modified my cam so it doesn't get stuck in the focuser tube (oops!) and charged up my lap-top. Thanks all!! Mick
  15. Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for..... Identified my image as the Alphonsus area! Everything is Awesome... (sorry, saw the Lego Movie on Monday.....) Thanks very much!
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