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  1. Hi Nico and Carly, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Mizuko, welcom to SGL
  3. Hey Tony, welcome to SGL
  4. Halo Bro, tinggal dimana?esok pas moment geminid shower ngadain pengamatan nggak?
  5. Hey M37, Michael, Stevie, thanks for the welcome
  6. Hi Steve, glad to hear that you've lived in Indonesia. In which city do you live when you were in Indonesia? Have you ever joined local astronomy club there?
  7. Hey James, thanks Thans you, Knight Thanks, Lee >>Hey Richard, John, Wookie, HIP3802, Dana, James, thanks for the welcome
  8. Hey Flare, I've also tried using a Celestron 130EQ Astromaster belongs my friend in Local Astronomy Club, and the first object that I can easily observe is the Moon, and then try again to see Saturn. You can used the slow motion cable (vertical and horizontal) to aiming your scope to the object smoothly. I've Celestron Astromaster 90Eq
  9. adiadidas


    Hey Skade, welcome to SGL
  10. adiadidas


    Hey Entropia, welcome to SGL
  11. Hey Jessica, welcome to SGL
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