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  1. Thank You for looking, into this. Thats the same conclusion I came too, after spending a good part of today searching, oh well a little more effort required....
  2. Using Stellarium / Stellarium Scope select target then a goto is initiated by a CTRL+1 keyboard stroke, on the gamepad this is configigarble (not sure thats a real word), but I am struggling to find a way to accomplish this in CDC .....
  3. My gamepad is connected wirelessly (logitech rumble pad 2), I can goto easily enough via CDC software, but would like to assign a gamepad key to do this, I have made a farily extensive internet search but have been unable to find any detail,,,, I have managed to set up a sync command via eqascom/gamepad but no success on instigating a goto...
  4. Hi Guys I maybe missing the point here somehow,,, I have been using stellarium and stellarium Scope to control mount etc via eqascom... I have just switched to CDC, in stellarium scope a CTRL+1 key press would initiate a goto command (this was set up on a gamepad key press), my question is, can you configure a gamepad key press in CDC to do the same thing???? Thanks in advance Steve
  5. Hi good to have you aboard.. Might be better to ask in main board so as not to dilute this topic. You will find loads of info on this site about those very things...
  6. Thanks for that... Really chuffed this thread is still generating interest. Some really good images from you guys.. Struggling to get out at the moment due to a knee injury... Still as they say "I`ll be back"...
  7. Glad to see they are still coming... Keep it up Guys.... Hope to get back to it myself soon been real busy moving house...
  8. I have the same set up as you, apart from the camera (canon 1000d), and dependent on conditions and my PA Ive managed unguided subs up to 2 mins (usually have to scrap a number of subs due to PE), but 60 to 90 seconds are very doable.. Theres a few images scattered through this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/200510-the-30-minute-challange/ That might be of interest to you. Its a tough learning curve....
  9. Keep them coming, Ive been too busy to get out recently
  10. Most bridge cameras have a number of disadvantages over DSLR cameras, one in particular is the inability to take RAW format pictures, my advise would to look at the Canon Range of bridge cameras in conjunction with the CHDK development kit opening up a range of possibility's that are otherwise disabled... Details of CHDK can be found here http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK
  11. I Really like this last image..... REALLY LIKE IT...
  12. Managed a couple of hours outside the other night... First light for a new telescope Skywatcher ED80 (I think it should be called "Cloudwatcher" at the moment..) Anyway here it is... Heart Nebula (poorly framed, and a big moon) 20 x 90s Lights 15 x 90s Darks 15 Flat 15 Bias
  13. Managed a couple of hours outside last night and had a go at the celebrity of the moment M82 plus J2014 the Type 1A Supernova.. 20 x 90s Lights 15 X 90s Darks 15 x Flats 15 x Bias
  14. Well done for getting one on here, It was my target for last night.. But had disasters with power supplies and fuses, end up just observing.. stilll we have to early Feb for a clear sky... Steve
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