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  1. Hi All, I am stepping away from AP for a little while so having a mass clear out. Selling as individual items but more than happy to talk about bundling stuff together etc. William Optics Z73 with Softcase, losmanday bar, original dovetail, scope rings, Altair Starwave Bahtinov Mask, Altair 1.0x Flattener Some custom stand off blocks so you can mount the scope the right way up. There is a scratch on the OTA but its hidden by the scope rings. - £350 William Optics 50mm Uniguider guidescope. Comes with the extension tube piece - £85 (this fits lovely on the above scope) Can
  2. Hi, No, I used the one from his website. Ill try that one instead. Cheers Toby
  3. Hi, I am looking to get my Canon 650D modded. I have sent several emails to Juan at cheapastrophotography but I have never heard anything back from him. Does anyone have any other suggestions for people that can do this? Thanks
  4. Hi Vern, I tried contacting Juan about a month ago and have to this day never heard anything back? Do you know of any other people that do modding? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am after a pegasus auto focusser V2 if anyone has one for sale? Cheers Toby
  6. What a fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much for your time in putting this together. Toby
  7. HI All, Is it possible to use a powered USB hub to run my DSLR, Guidecam so That I have 1 cable coming back to my laptop? Thanks
  8. Excellent, Thanks Mark. Exactly what I was looking for
  9. Hi all, I have an HEQ5 Pro mount and running 2 dew heaters as well. I am using a Hitec Astro dew heater controller which has 2x 12v outputs and 4x dew heater outputs. According to specs that I have found I can run both the mount and the 2x dew heaters from this controller. Can someone offer any background on this? Will that actually work? Has it been tried, Also, when I am at home and in the garden it would be good to have the hitec controller running from the mains power. Does anyone have any suggestions on a 12v power supply that can run up to 10a that I could run the contr
  10. Hi, Is this still available? If so, what sort of condition is it in etc? Could you possibly send me some pics. Thank you Toby
  11. Hiya, I was after the straps as well but I could always get those seperatly. Can you send me a pic of the controller and an idea of cost. Cheers
  12. Hi all, I am after a dew heater setup. I have a W.O Zenithstar 73 and a Starwave 50mm guide scope and after some dew heaters for both. Does anyone have anything they would like to sell. Cheers
  13. Hiya, I take that scope and camera please if thats OK? Do you want to PM me? Cheers Toby
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