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  1. Took this from Worthing, West Sussex on a Lumix TZ70 Compact. Comet was easily naked eye visible and the Noctilucent Clouds were an added (new for me) bonus.
  2. This project does look interesting, there's gonna be a crowdfunding campaign and whilst I usually stay well away from them I am tempted by this one as I'll soon be in the market for an upgrade myself: http://www.seti.org/seti-institute/press-release/unistellar-unveils-consumer-enhanced-vision-telescope-ifa-2017?utm_content=buffer92167&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  3. Hi all, I found a thread from 2011 with some decent information regarding Aurora Trips to Norway/Finland but wondering if anyone has any recent experience they could please share? My girlfriend and I have our eye on those Glass Igloos/Cabins and there's a couple of travel sites I've found with various options on Google search, I'd firstly like to know whether it's better to book everything separately (flights, accommodation, transfers etc) or stick with a Package deal that offer bolt on activities at extra cost? I'll have follow up questions but that's enough for now, Many Thanks
  4. looks good to me as an entry level telescope, apparently $1000 so "cheap" enough for the average new user, depends if production can keep up with demand if there is enough of one. Interesting technology though and certainly a view to the future of astronomy.
  5. The story goes that years ago I got a Compact Camera attachment to go with my SkyWatcher 130pm and I never used it properly...until now. Taken last night from the Sussex coast, I set up with various eye pieces, Barlow and set about playing with my Panasonic Lumix TZ70. I was quite amazed at the results actually, didn't think it'd work out as well as it has and it certainly sets me in the mood for when the moon isn't so full and bright.
  6. Saturn tonight, first time in awhile with the 'scope.

  7. Very good episode I thought, I've been following the GAIA mission on social media and was excited for this showing. Bonus having Neil deGrasse Tyson as a guest presenter too, his top five stars are really incredible.
  8. Yep just watched this (very good and interesting) episode and also spotted the meteorite, of course the first thought was "I bet stargazers lounge saw it too!"
  9. Hi guys & gals, I've recently come into a bit of inheritance money (only £300ish) and instead of throwing it away on booze I want to spend it wisely on things that will last, like accessories for my SkyWatcher 130pm. My Signature should show what I've got but for those that have them turned off I already have: 10x & 25x stock EPs, 8x EP, Barlow x2 and other little bits and pieces I collected some time ago (carry case, camera stuff). I've seen the cheapest GoTo mounts are a bit more than I have so I've ruled them out, if anything I'd rather have some extra bits for the 'scope
  10. As the title suggests the website states " There are no upcoming broadcasts of this programme ", the last episode aired 10th July and before that it was 4weeks between each episode. Are they having a Formula 1 style Mid Season Break? Hopefully it's not under scrutiny again, maybe I've missed something? Thanks
  11. from their FB page: Apologies for the earlier false alarm red alert. It was caused by a non aurora-related spike in our magnetometer data. More details in our blog post: http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/aurorawatch…/…/23/red-alert-cancelled/
  12. Have SETI pointed in the general direction yet? I'm not too flash on how they listen for signals but I wonder if they could get another "WOW!" moment from this Star.
  13. just don't pull it on paths on the wheels for fear of knocking the mirrors out, always use the handles
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