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  1. Hi everyone - don't ask but somehow I managed to yank the two wires out of the 12v adaptor end of my eq3 power lead . I assumed a quick solder would fix it but on close interal inspection I found the unit tip positive but I'd already cut and stripped the wires silly me. So I now don't know which is positive!! Both are black and featureless except one wire has manufacturer markings on, temp and voltage. Any ideas? Thanks Frank
  2. Hi everyone - I'm after both the long and short M8x48 altitude bolts as my long one was bent. Zoltan of Worthing is out of stock - any one know anywhere else I can get these? Thanks Frank
  3. Hi everyone - a little while ago I was posting about one of my latitude/altitude bolts becoming bent inside my eq3-2 mount (it may have been because I inserted the short one where the long should have been but I can't remember...). With a bit of luck I found an engineering firm in Cowfold that managed to get the thoroughly stuck bolt moving, then cut and removed with needle nose pliers without damaging the threads. Phew. Now I'm after a replacement bolt or bolts. The scope came from Harrisons Telescopes who suggested search for standard 8mm replacements. I've had a search around and on here a everyone is talking about actually replacing the bolts with something better - from pictures I've seen they look a lot better for my arthritic hands (Google Swan Neck Deformity!). Astro Baby I think suggested getting some from astro developments? Is this my next direct course of action to get my scope going again as it's been out of commission for several months, get completely new bolts and clean up the plate inside the pivot that has been ground up a bit by the bolt thread (hence the thought the wrong bolt was in the wrong side...)? If so, are these replacement bolts generic for all eq models? many thanks! frank
  4. Cheers guys n girls. Is this approach something I should take up with an astronomy shop who might have experience in this or find a local precision engineer workshop? Cheers Frank
  5. Wish I knew how I'd messed it up so badly. I will find out from Astronomia if they fix this sort of thing. Frank
  6. Hi all - ok I've taken the altitude section apart and the news gets worse I thought the two bolts were equal size. As it turns out they're not. The little one is out and fine. The bigger one is bent badly. See the photos. So how the heck would anyone get that bolt out!! Can the complete unit be replaced? Frank
  7. Hi everyone sorry for the delay. Attached is a picture. It does look bent I'm in Horsham and my closest astro shop is Astronomia in Dorking. Are these shops geared up for repairs like this? If not there is a well known handyman store down the road I could try. I'm simply not tooled up for repairs myself. Once this is repaired how do I avoid doing this again? Thanks Frank
  8. Hi - yes I've loosened the rear bolt as much as and taken a close up with my mobile plus flash. I can see a slight bend at the far end near the mount body. It's only perceptible up close and it may be twistable with someone with better fingers but no hope for me Any thoughts? I saw a cross post about the same on an eq5 or 6 and the solution was to rebend it with the bottom bolt. Frank
  9. Hi Louise - yes that helps a lot. Having seen the astroshed video about Alignmaster, it makes polar alignment a lot easier. Ok so I just need to sort out the stiff bolts then get hold of a usb to rsxxx cable and install Alignmaster. Yay! As for the bolt situation, the black altitude cover came off very easy (just a fingernail under the rim and it flipped off - not very good glue...). Underneath is a large hex bolt. I've managed to remove the front t bolt. Checked the thread and the metal, no sign of damage or bending. The rear bolt is another matter. As much as I try I can't get it off. I might take it to my local astro club or store to see if I can get it going again. Frank
  10. Yeah I saw astrosheds video about using Alignmaster. Yes I do want to do imaging through the scope; webcam and dslr therefore unfortunately I have to do precise polar alignment. But I needed to check if the polarscope was properly aligned with the mount. The reason for me doing the check is two fold. One even with 3 star alignment and correct lat long and time details in the hand controls and correct balancing, when it slews it can be many degrees off target; which is ok for bright targets but not DSOs. Two when doing a long exposure I'm finding star drift after 30-35 seconds which I've been told for this mount (with correct set up) is very short. So I'm trying to eliminate the errors. Unfortunately I don't have a permanent setup (I'm hoping this will change when we move house). As squinting on hands and knees through my 51deg angled polar scope is not great for my arthritis (lol I'm only 40!! ) will Alignmaster eliminate this issue? I saw astroshed used a webcam whilst using Alignmaster which is great but I'm new to this Ascom concept. Is this connecting the scope to the laptop and taking the syscan controller out of the equation? Thanks everyone for info so far Frank
  11. Hi all - I don't think my last post went through. But the jist of it was that I will have a try of unlocking both altitude bolts tomorrow to see if I can produce free movement. John the alignment I want to achieve is where you align the polarscope to cope for drift using the grub screws I believe. There is an astroshed you tube video where he uses a tv aerial for this. Cheers Frank
  12. Thanks all - I'll try removing the altitude bolts and see if the mount moves freely and report back. Hi John the adjustment I'm trying to make is for the polarscope in the mount; adjusting the three grub screws. There is an astroshed video on it where he uses a tv aerial during the day to pint at. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  13. Thanks everyone. I'll post a photo tomorrow to show what I mean re the underside bolt. Lol yes 51 degrees for Horsham but I was trying to do a polarscope to mount alignment (ie cross hairs on a tv aerial or such like so the mount needs to be pointing fairly low. Ive seen a few scopes with black twist handles on long bolts instead of the very fiddly t-type. As for slacken one then turn the other, is this supposed to be an easy job because from day one (got the scope about a year ago), it has been nigh on impossible to turn one to slacken to allow the other to move. Or you can undo the front one quite a bit but the back one can hardly move. Hard to describe. :/ Frank
  14. Thanks everyone. My arthritis has given me a left index swan neck deformity which means it is very hard to turn anything stiff with that hand. Also my middle right finger is going that way too so I need to have easy tweaking. So the best suggestion is to take out the original SW bolts and replace? Any ideas of where to get M8 bolts from? It's weird about the underside bolt, it can't tighten all the way up because the mount came with a metal plate with a hold in one end (which the underside bolt goes through and then into the mount) and a metal "cup" on the other that the power supply slides onto rather than being velcroed to the legs. But the plates thickness means that the bolt does not screw all the way in. The whole idea of turn one then the other bolt messes with my head too lol. frank
  15. Hi all - I'm having a huge amount of trouble with my Skywatcher eq3 mount - firstly are the azimuth bolts (0-90 degrees) supposed to be ultra stiff?? Ive got arthritis and it hurts my hands a lot just move them a bit. And when it does move it moves jerkingly not smooth. Also the two front bolts for left right even when tight the mount can move a bit left/right. You can imagine this makes polar alignment very hard and it must come off polaris easily. Also I can't align the polar scope because I simply can't get the mount to drop any further down than about 45 degrees. I don't really understand what I'm doing wrong. Its depressing because I'm missing many clear nights because of it. Any help would be great! frank
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