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  1. I'd say you are the only one who can decide if a mount is too heavy ( don't forget to consider the tripod ), strongly suggest you see one in the flesh if you can before buying. HTH
  2. Cor blimey, I thought that was a didgeridoo for a minute
  3. Thanks for making me stop and think
  4. Thanks for the welcome Ben. Your mountain hut trip sounds wonderful, one of those things we should all do at some point, and I really get your point about just savouring the moment
  5. Thanks for the responses folks, I knew it wasn't that straightforward and now I have more to work with
  6. Hi all, I've been reading through the 'Choosing a CCD' sticky in this forum and wondered if someone could clarify a point for me. I have a value using the formula resolution=206*(p(um))/(f(mm)). The guide says a value of 1”/pix will be about the highest usable resolution and a value of 1.5-2”/pix is quite good My value is 1.236, is this better than the quite good value but still usable? Hope that made sense :]
  7. If the clouds ever lift I will seek them out. Are the evenings always this cloudy at this time of year? PS - that dimmer looks a bit wonky
  8. Hi all, it seems to have gone a bit quiet here, did someone tell you I was coming? ;-) Do you still meet during the summer?
  9. Hi, could you estimate the weight so I could get a postage cost? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome folks, I'd hoped my first picture post on the forum would be slightly more stellar but I'll stick this up for fun
  11. Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while so I thought it was time to say hello, hello I have always been fascinated by the night sky but never taken the interest any further, until recently that is, when I got a new telephoto lens for my camera and started taking very bad pictures of the moon! When I started poking about on the internet for tips came across some of the mind blowing photos of DSO's ( learning the lingo ) and decided I'd really like to have a go at that, I'm not kidding myself about the results I'll achieve but I look forward to trying and learning on the way almost as much as anything else. So, lots more reading to do before I decide on equipment but I have been sensible and set a budget, yeah that'll work! PS - Carl Sagan said "There is no such thing as a dumb question", we'll see about that
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