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  1. Just looking in the latest Sky at Night and The Widescreen Centre will apparently have these on display at Astrofest 2012 in a few weeks time along with a meade rep on hand.
  2. It was very good. My older brother who isn't the least bit interested in Astronomy caught it on TV last night and has already started asking me questions!
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looks very interesting! They have deGrasse Tyson so will be watching
  4. I would love to just pay someone to make me a basic dobsonian mount for OO Europa! Any offers around North London, Herts area?
  5. What smartphone are you using? I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace and it runs at 0.5 frame per second :/
  6. Disagree mate, there is something nice about seeing a fresh new magazine in your porch, plus it's nice to read a colourful magazine in bed This will be my first Astro mag sub and will most likely continue it.
  7. Great offer, thanks for the heads up!
  8. Emigrate to Australia! Finish my Nurse training in 5 months
  9. What would be a cheaper equivalent to a Nagler? A Skywatcher Nirvana?
  10. Funnily enough the tree at my back garden is the only thing blocking out 4 street lights, sucks in the winter when it has no leaves though
  11. I'm eagerly awaiting this mount as well. Bit gutted with the price though, it's $799 in America, which somehow converts in to a price of £799. Anyway, here is the latest video I found where the bloke explains quite a bit about the mount and we get a good look at it. Also I am 99% sure the guide module is an add on that will go into the aux port on the mount head.
  12. I hate people who do this. I think if you're going to snap up a deal it should be for personal use, of course people are free to do what they want but I still hate them for it.
  13. Is it that HUGE coffee table book? If so, I have one and it is beautiful, the images are stunning.
  14. Sorry if I implied something with my last post wasn't my intention:p I'll shoot him another email tonight and see what happens! Thanks
  15. Wanted to buy it from him, but he isn't replying to emails so probably best to avoid.
  16. Thanks a lot for the info, Rawhead!
  17. Is it noisy when tracking? Or just when slewing?
  18. U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell Just wondering, is this a good deal guys? I thought it would have been snapped up by now. Is 270 delivered a decent price? I need a mount to tide me over until the LX80 is released Thanks for any advice, Martin
  19. Wow, that last pic makes me cringe! Surely that would scratch the Objective lense?!
  20. Gorgeous pic, but I prefer pics that are a bit more 'real' this looks like a painting
  21. 120mm Refractor Telescope. Skywatcher 1201EQ5 in Holmfirth, York | Collectables for Sale | Gumtree.com Great deal if you live close!
  22. Awesome show in BBC HD on iplayer.
  23. Yeh it definitely feels like the seller is trying to salvage as much of the cost as he can. I could be totally wrong, but been burned in the past with second hand equipment so I am a lot more cautious now!
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