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  1. Hi Ian thanks for the tip. Sorry but do you mean start at image 4 with the dec lever? I thought image 10 was for the counterweight bar. Thanks. A few days ago I actually took the dec lever off (revealing the little brass button) and the stiffness was still there. If I put my ear right up to the black worm roller end caps in image 2, I can hear the friction when I move the scope. I have a feeling the grease on the worm carrier may be kaput and need re greasing. I also tried loosening the two grub screws as shown in image 10 but no change unfortunately Hoping my lithium grease arrives today from Amazon, I'm back at work tomorrow and would love to get this done today.
  2. Thanks a lot for the info guys. I think I will stick with the barlow+ES eyepiece for the time being, especially since my skies aren't that great so I doubt I will be able to appreciate the difference anyway. I might even try and get a 100 degree high power eyepiece when the time is right, maybe an Ethos. Thanks guys.
  3. Hey guys, I am considering a Nagler 7mm Type 6. I already own an ES 14mm 82 degree and celestron ultima apo barlow. Would there be a huge difference between the Nagler 7mm and the 14mm barlowed? Is it really worth the cash to have a dedicated 7mm or is there a big jump in image quality. Thanks, Mart
  4. Thanks for the help, Daniel. Can I ask though, when you stripped the mount down did you see clearly where the problem lay? Like a lack of grease in a particular place or too much?
  5. Ahh poop, looks like I will have to strip it down then. Which grease did you use mate? I ordered this stuff http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330869866815?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  6. I was hoping that wasn't the case, I'm not very technically minded It's really strange how it went from being able to nudge it and it would swing freely to how stiff it is now. I can put the tube at a 90 degree angle with the clamps loosened fully and it won't budge, really weird.
  7. My borough in London went from talks regarding a midnight switch off to this. http://www.harrowobserver.co.uk/west-london-news/local-harrow-news/2013/04/25/more-lights-to-make-streets-safer-116451-33230267/
  8. Hey guys, I was out with my scope last night observing with the EQ6 manually with the DEC and RA clamps loosened, just star hopping really. This morning I noticed that the DEC axis has all of a sudden become quite stiff. Before with the DEC axis clamp loosened I could give the scope a little nudge and it would swing loosely, but now I have to give it a real push. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like the DEC clamp is moderately tightened even thought it is completely loosened. Any ideas what I could try? Has something tightened last night as a result of me manually operating the mount? Thanks for any info! Martin edit. Just want to add that it feels stiff even with the counterweights and scope removed. There is also a sound coming from the DEC axis when being moved, almost like a mild friction sound.
  9. Been into Astronomy since I was 10 and am 28 now, so far have only spent about £1900.
  10. I think this is just a nova, not a supernova. I'm sure someone else can explain it better but I don't think there is a bang with novas.
  11. http://www.buysubscriptions.com/science-nature-magazines/sky-at-night-magazine-subscription?offerCode=skyweb99 I have done this previously and worked a treat and now the deal is back. Just cancel after a few weeks if you don't want to continue the sub after the 5 months.
  12. 2. Not bad for living in the cesspit of London.
  13. Yeh, it is depressing. It makes me feel trapped! Light Pollution has almost killed this hobbie for me, but I am determined to not let it. I might take a drive out to a random place near High Wycombe tonight if the weather holds up. Thanks for that map, it is top notch!
  14. I am in the same boat, I live in Harrow where the light pollution is atrocious. A place just up the road called Carpenders Park turn their street lights off after midnight, literally 10 minute drive so I may pop up there. Or failing that, there are some decent places around High Wycombe.
  15. This is looking great for tonight! I have the day off work tomorrow as well so it could not have been better timing. Just need a relatively dark site near Harrow, NW London ....
  16. Oh great thanks guys, that will save me some money until I can afford a dedicated high power 82 degree eyepiece.
  17. I have just ordered an Explore Scientific 14mm 82 degree eyepiece. If I combined this with my Celestron Ultima Barlow will I end up with a 7mm 82 degree eyepiece? Or will I lose FOV by using the Barlow? Thanks, Mart
  18. I can't even see Polaris, my blooming house blocks it out. Just been using my new NEQ6 manually for the last 2 weeks, going to have to wait until the leaves on my tree all fall off before I can polar align.
  19. Thanks a lot guys, just ordered a serial to usb converter from Amazon, should be here tomorrow thanks to Prime delivery in time for the weekend!
  20. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have the serial data cable supplied with the mount (grey one) and have been connecting the serial end to the serial end of the EQDIR module in the picture and the other end a USB cable connecting the module to my PC. It installed fine and recognizes it as prolific usb serial comm port but the Synscan handset is still is not recognised.
  21. This is the cable that I have along with a USB cable on the other end. http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_product.php?id=1007
  22. Trying to update my handset to the latest firmware with the polar alignment and have attempted to connect the handset using the EQDIR usb adaptor. Does anyone know if it is possible? I am getting an error message 'can not connect to synscan controller'. Thanks for any info
  23. Oh ok, that would be so much easier. I do have the 2 star alignment option on the handset, so I could choose 2 star alignment and use altair and arcturus then that would be enough to be able to point DSO's in the eyepiece ? Thanks
  24. Hey guys, so I have had this NEQ6 for about 1 week now but have not been able to test the goto function on it as I cannot see Polaris, my house is blocking it (tall 3 floor town house). Is there a way I can get a rough alignment by just pointing north? It is only for visual use. I've also got an EQDIR adapter if that helps. Thanks for any info.
  25. Thanks guys, so if I'm willing to spend that bit more then the 82 degree 24mm would be the best eyepiece from the max vision range to give that wide field space walk kind of view?
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