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  1. I've never seen Mars in all the years I have had my telescope but plan on seeing it tonight, it is low in the sky and reaches roughly the same position in the sky as Sirius I think which puts it just above some houses, so I expect the view to be god awful with the heat from the houses, street lights etc but as long as I can see a small red disk I will happy
  2. Oh yeh lol I emailed you on ABS. Thanks for the link mate, will give it a good read! Thanks John as well for your input mate. Martin
  3. Hey guys, I have a 14mm 82 degree eyepiece from Explore Scientific and it works really well in my below telescope. I am thinking about purchasing the 20mm 100 degree, I was wondering would the increase in degrees from 82 to 100 increase the risk of showing really bad coma? I don't seem to notice any on the 14. Thanks
  4. Awesome news. I read on my lunch break that it had disintegrated, but just got back from work to see this, great!
  5. I store my telescope in quite a warmish place in my house, so the 3 fans that I installed to the rear of the cell really do help. Reduces my cool down by approximately 20 minutes, which is quite a lot when observing time is minimal during the week.
  6. Mine arrived this morning so everyone should be receiving theirs today hopefully.
  7. Not received mine either.
  8. Thanks guys, going to give it another crack tonight as it was quite hazy last night. If all else fails I will have to drive to a dark site and conquer this beast
  9. Was having a great session last night so thought I would try the Veil but it was totally invisible from my back garden. I had an OIII filter, 10" F4.8 newt, Explore Scientific 14mm eyepiece, tried a lower power 32mm eyepiece as well but nothing. I had 52 Cygni in the eyepiece but could not see anything nearby. I can see the Ring Nebula, Dumbbell Nebula, Little Dumbbell (looks like a photograph with OIII) with no issues. My gardens light pollution is atrocious, quite possibly the worst on the face of planet earth. Could this cause the Veil to be totally invisible?
  10. Ok thanks will leave it running at this then. Can I ask though, what would be the signs of under powering the mount?
  11. So I just picked up a 12v power supply for the EQ6 and it works well. It has a few different options though and I am not sure which one would be the best. 12v @ 3amps 13.5v @ 2.3amps Which option would be best for the EQ6 Pro? Thanks
  12. Wow, thanks so much for that Paul. I will definitely keep an eye out for a UHC filter!
  13. haha, thanks Paul that is reassuring! Just out of interest mate, how do you find the UHC compared to the OIII? Would it be a worthy purchase? Or should I just stick with the OIII? Thanks
  14. Thanks guys will give cleaning it a go tonight when I get in from work and also look out for the Veil! Dumbbell Nebula was amazing with this filter.
  15. For me M31 is a very large smudge with a very bright core. M13 however I can resolve to the core, M13 loves magnification.
  16. Hey guys, So I just received a second hand Castell 2" OIII filter and tried it on ring nebula etc and it really is nice, but I held it up to the light and there appears to be a small pinhole sized area where there is no coating, would this affect it at all?
  17. Try M92, very nice in a small scope. It's like M13 but smaller and brighter.
  18. Thanks guys, yeh I noticed the 2.5mm, but they do have a 2.1mm version available as well.
  19. Very impressed with this firmware. I cannot see polaris from my location as my house blocks it. 1. I simply use the compass on my smart phone and point the polar scope north 2. 3 star align 3. Polar align one star Job done, go to is spot on for visual.
  20. So my power tank isn't up to scratch and is continuously cutting out during slew, causing the motors to make a grinding noise. Would this allow me to connect to the mains in my house? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-CWT-Technology-Monitors-equipment/dp/B004HCCVLI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1377858010&sr=8-2&keywords=12v+5A+power+supply+2.1mm Thanks, Martin
  21. Was just about to post about seeing the ring nebula M57 for the first time last night. I finally got the polar alignment procedure nailed on my EQ6 pro that I got a few weeks ago. First object that I asked it to go to was M57, I kept my eye to the eyepiece of a 32mm plossl as it slewed, then it stopped. It took a few seconds for me to realise that I was looking at M57, it appeared as a small smokey ring so I popped in an Explore Scientific 14mm 82 degree eyepiece and WOW, the ring was so apparent and well defined, absolutely gorgeous I just stared at it for 20 minutes straight. My new OIII filter arrived today so hopefully going to give it a go with that.
  22. Not sure whether you need to collimate now, but you definitely need to learn how to collimate at some point, it is an invaluable skill when owning a Newtonian.
  23. Awesome, I think I found it then. Gonna get the scope out and try and confirm it. Will locate NGC 6905 first I think. Thanks.
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