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  1. Congrats with the TEC140! Wish you many clear skies! It's a beautiful scope. I love my TEC140ED.
  2. If choosing a Tak finder for the FC-100D, I would personally pick the Tak 6x30 over the 7x50. The reason behind this is the Tak 6x30 is small and light compared to the 7x50. The 7x50 is huge when compared to the 6x30 finder. Overall the FC-100D is a portable scope, no need to add a bulk finder as 7x50. Regarding the optical quality, the Tak finders are excellent. Very sharp and contrasty views. One can't go wrong. Especially if you add a Tak quick release. I use one Tak 6x30 finder with two Tak scopes, Sky90 and FS102NSV. Both scopes are equipped with Tak quick release. This is off topic, regarding taking care of the Tak scopes and durability. Both of my Tak scopes are from 2004 or so. The FS102NSV is still in good condition. The startest is text book. The Sky90 is in mint condition. My experience is that Tak scopes are durable, if one handles these scopes with care, I guess that goes with other scopes as well.
  3. Would like to give an update regarding the AZ-GTi. The first sample of the AZ-GTi that I tried for a few nights had issues with tracking and goto. The mount wouldn't track an object more than a minute of three in the FOV of 0.5 degrees. The goto was also off. I tried one star, two star, three star alignment, without success. I sent the mount back to the vendor for a replacement. As I was advised by the vendor that opening the mount would void the warranty. The new mount works excellent. It tracks an object more then 10 minutes in the FOV of 0.5 degrees. The object would then just move maybe 1/3 or so, or less in the FOV. The goto works excellent as well. Not 100%, but close enough, depending on the object in the sky. Overall I'm very pleased with the AZ-GTi mount. The mount is a winner in combination with a small light scope.
  4. Thank you! Mind you, I have used the AZ-GTi for an hour or so outside. The weather has been terrible since I got the AZ-GTi. What I have noticed is that there is some backlash in the DEC. Not sure if degrades the Go-To accuracy. Stu, has written a nice how to fix the backlash tutorial. I need to test first the mount a few times under the stars before pursuing to open the mount. I haven't heard from the vendor if one tries to fix the backlash voids the warranty. In the SkyWatcher SynScan app there is a backlash compensation feature. Not sure if this helps. Would love to hear if somebody has played with this feature to reduce the backlash. So far I like the mount. If it tracks the planets and the moon without glitch then I would be very happy. The GoTo will be a big bonus. I try to relative the price performance in this case, the price of the AZ-GTi is comparable to one Tele Vue Delite eyepiece. In my book the mount is a bargain.
  5. Here is Sky-90 on the AZ-GTi. First impression, the mount can handle the Sky-90 well. The Sky-90 uses the same clamshell as the FC-100D. The whole scope setup, is just over 4kg.
  6. The Takahashi Cradle weighs 800 grams. You could use tube rings. There are a few vendors who sell tube rings with 95mm diameters. I’m not sure how much weight savings would that be.
  7. I second the advice here. Astromart.com and Cloudynights.com are the places to sell the Traveler in US. If there might be any issue with collimation, I wouldn't worry about it. As https://astro-physics.com/ can fix it from my understanding at a reasonable cost. If you have any doubt you can send it to Astro-physics for a check up. Good luck!
  8. One of the most stunning pictures that I have seen lately, just beautiful
  9. If Tak stretches the design philosophy of the FC-100D to a FC125, then yes it will be lighter then the TSA-120. To me the 120mm apo is a no mans land refractor. It doesn't excel in weight, it's heavier then a 4". It's just a little brighter then a 4". It doesn't give me the wow factor over an FC-100D or an FS-102. The TSA-120 is brighter then a FC-100D on deepsky, but on the planets (Jupiter) these scope are very close. I have compared these scopes many nights side by side in excellent seeing on Jupiter. In the end I sold the TSA-120 and kept the FC-100D. A 140mm, like my TEC-140 is a wow on Jupiter compared to my FS-102. Though I do love the portability of a FC-100D. I think these small scopes are one of the best 4" around for visual use. The jump from FC-100D to a FC-140 or FC-150 will be huge I'm looking forward to the first reviews of the FC-100DZ.
  10. Takahashi might produce more doublets as they have stopped production of the FSQ-130ED. Now they may have more time for other scopes. Hopefully it will be an FC-140 or better FC-150 with sliding dew shield. Only time will tell There is already an excellent TSA-120, when cooled it will produce stunning views. It's not that heavy for an 120mm scope. If you can cope with a little longer cool down compared to a doublet, then the TSA-120 is the way to go in the 120-125mm range.
  11. Rodd, thanks for sharing. Would love to see if possible both full size images of the FSQ and TOA. I'm curious of the FOV of both scopes.
  12. How about Canon 6D or 6D MKII? The 6d MKII has a flip out screen as a bonus. There are lots of nice pictures taken with the 6D. I loved my 6D with a small apo.
  13. Having bought from Mike before, I can confirm as well that the item was as described, highly recommended! I wouldn't hesitate buying from Mike!
  14. I have had my Takahashi Teegul Lapides for some years on a Manfrotto tripod. It works flawlessly with a 4" scope. I tried the mount with the TSA-120 on the same tripod, but it was too much scope for the mount. This mount is my grab&go setup. Mine is stable without counterweights. It's my favorite mount.
  15. Tonight I tried the Tegmen/Tegmine, but I couldn't get the 3 way split in a 4". The seeing didn't cooperate, I will try next time. Though I think it might be at the limit of the 4".
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