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  1. Nice setup, good luck with selling.
  2. Thanks Richard! That makes sense. I was aware of the ir filter built in the ASI2600 camera. The QHY268C doesn't come with the built in ir filter. I went for the ASI2600 among other because of the additional usb ports. I will probably get the Baader IR filter as well, I could use it for planetary imaging/visual as well. I'm planning to get the Optolong Dual-Band L-eXtreme Filter for narrowband. I noticed your images don't have bloated stars, that's good news. Looking forward to your images...
  3. Thank you Richard for your help! Much appreciate it. I have almost figured out the adapters. Are these the filter drawer and the filter that you are using? ZWO 2" Filter Drawer: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo_fd_m42.html Baader ir filter (2" mounted): https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/filters/planetary/visual-photographic/baader-ir-pass-filter-(685-nm).html
  4. Hi Richard, thank you! I didn't want to hijack your first light with all the questions, no you were not dreaming I was wondering about your imaging train, distance and the adapters that you used with the ASI2600. Your stars look to me nice round all the way to the corners, you have dialed it well...
  5. Price update: 1650 Euro ( or £ 1500 ) for the whole set. I'm open for trade as well, like TeleVue eyepieces or Takahashi refractors.
  6. For sale/trade in excellent condition Atik 383L+ with filterwheel, filters and OAG. Will trade for Cooled Color ASI294MC pro camera plus cash difference. I don't have the time at the moment for mono. - Atik 383L+ - Atik 7-Position EFW2 filter wheel - Baader 36mm Filters L-RGB, H-Alpha, O-III, S-II - Atik OAG (Off-Axis Guider) Price is less then 50% of new, at 1650 Euro ( or £ 1500 ).
  7. I'm curious what your preference are, bino or mono and why? Do you see more with binoviewer then mono? Which objects (planets, moon, deepsky) are you observing. Are you using glasses when observing with bino or mono?
  8. The Mewlon 210 that I had gave stunning views. One night in excellent seeing, Saturn was razor sharp with 5mn eyepiece, that’s 483x magnification, will never forget that moment. Highly recommend!
  9. Adam, really nice comparison. Which camera did you use?
  10. For the planets and the Moon 5mm is my most used eyepiece. For comfort, no question about it, the XW 5mm hands down. When you want the extra pop and detail, one needs to get a little uncomfortable and reach for the XO 5.1mm. The XO is an amazing eyepiece, no eyepiece that I have tried comes close to the XO 5.1mm. The only eyepiece that was close to the XO 2.5mm was the Vixen HR 2.4mm. I haven't tried the Tak TOE, I'm waiting for a 4mm. Still the XO 2.5mm had a tiny more contrast compared to the HR 2.4mm with a FS-102NSV. The HR is more comfortable in use then XO, so there is a trade off. I tried three different focal lengths of the Tak Abbe, 12.5, 9, 6mm. These eyepieces didn't gave me the satisfaction to keep them around. They are not cheap, but they are also not that expensive compared to a ZAO. A few years ago I compared the Tak Abbe 9mm and a ZAO 10mm with my FS-102NSV. Among the objects that I observed was Saturn. The ZAO was a little sharper and the colors was more vibrant. The Tak abbe colors was more muted. The differences are small, but noticeable in a side by side test.
  11. My smallest scope is my most used scope, that is Takahashi Sky-90. Love this little scope, gives sharp views, it's compact. One needs to grow to love this scope. Bought a new Sky90 15 years ago, sold it within a year or three. After more then a decade of having tried different scopes, I have come to appreciate the strength and weak of different type of scopes. A few months ago I found a well cared used one, bought it immediately, it's a keeper. I use the little scope on a Tak Lapides or these days on AZ-GTi.
  12. Who will get one of the new Pentax XW 30mm and 40mm? Do these two eyepieces have a place in today's eyepiece market?
  13. Gerry, I haven't used the Nikon with a Paracor in the dob. I might look for a Paracor soon (as soon as I recoup from the docter ). Seeing Orion nebula at a dark site with the Nikon HW 17 in a 16" (F/5) dob is a unforgettable experience. A friend of mine was peaking through the Nikon, the only think that I heard from him is, I wan't one
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