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  1. Stardust1


    I have had my Takahashi Teegul Lapides for some years on a Manfrotto tripod. It works flawlessly with a 4" scope. I tried the mount with the TSA-120 on the same tripod, but it was too much scope for the mount. This mount is my grab&go setup. Mine is stable without counterweights. It's my favorite mount.
  2. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    Tonight I tried the Tegmen/Tegmine, but I couldn't get the 3 way split in a 4". The seeing didn't cooperate, I will try next time. Though I think it might be at the limit of the 4".
  3. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    Thank you Mike for the kind words! The photos are right out of the phone (Samsung S6) without any processing or cropping. Now thinking hard of the Vixen HR 1.6mm. With the FS102 giving 512X, and with the 2x VIP 1025X, I think it would be too much for the 4", but who knows without trying
  4. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    Yesterday was another night with excellent seeing. At the urban edge the sky was dark with the magnificent moon in Waxing Gibbous phase. The scope was my trusty FS-102NSV on the AZ-EQ6. The optics of this sample are sharp, the startest in and out looks the same. I tried a few different eyepieces, lower -and higher magnification. I enjoyed the Moon with low magnification, as it looked as if the moon was floating in space. All of these eyepieces gave nice views of the Moon, Pentax XW, ZAO 16mm, Nikon HW 17mm, Pan 24mm, Tak LE 30, Vixen HR 2mm. I went crazy so tried the Vixen HR 2mm and later I put the Baader VIP 2x between, at 820x magnification the Copernicus crater was still usable sharp and not dim. I observed a few hours and mostly concentrating on the Copernicus crater, with a 93km diameter, its a large crater with lots of detail. The circular rim has a discernible hexagonal form, with a terraced inner wall and its 30 km wide, it sure looked nice. I took a few snapshots with the phone holding on the eyepiece, to give you an idea of the FOV and sense of detail with the Vixen HR 2mm. Through the eyepiece the views where sharper and I couldn't see the small amount of chromatic aberration seen on the below pictures. First picture of Copernicus, picture taken with Samsung phone, Vixen HR 2mm, FS102NSV: Magnification 410x Second picture of Copernicus, picture taken with Samsung phone, Vixen HR 2mm, VIP 2x Barlow, FS102NSV: Magnification 820x
  5. Thanks Pat That sounds promising! I will go to the local shop and see if I can buy nylon Lycra cloth. But I do wonder if a shroud is necessary or not under dark skies.
  6. Hi Pat, I know this is an old post. But I was wondering how the shroud worked out for you? Did you make one? My dobson has also three truss poles, just like yours. I would like to make or buy a Light shrouds. But I'm hesitant as the shroud might cut some light.
  7. Stardust1

    Vixen HR's VX10

    I was very pleased with the views of the LE 5mm and the FC100DC on Jupiter and Saturn. Though I can be pleased easily if the skies are clear and I'm gazing the heavens The design of the LE seems to be the as the Pseudo Masuyama according to Starman1 as well: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/452491-celestron-ultima/ So, the difference with these eyepieces might be in the build quality? I would love to try the 32mm Volcano someday.
  8. Stardust1

    Vixen HR's VX10

    Congrats, you will love the Vixen HR 2.4mm. It's sharp and comfortable to use.
  9. Stardust1

    Vixen HR's VX10

    Mike, My 5mm LE had ghosting issues as well, though not sure how severe it was compared with your 5mm. I still have the LE 7.5mm and 30mm. I will check next time about ghosting and how severe it is. I haven't noticed with the 30mm, but I will double check. The LE 7.5mm is the old engraved with green lettering on it. The LE 30mm is the new white painted lettering on the eyepiece. I wasn't fond about the LE 5mm when observing the Moon. I used the 5mm LE most of the time on Jupiter and Saturn. Did you observe Saturn and Jupiter with your LE and FC100DC?
  10. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    I have tried the Tak 2.8 & 3.6 Hi LE as well, but did not like them for the same reasons as Mike. In my opinion the Vixen HR and the Tak TOE (I haven't yet tried this) are in different league. Though I do like the Tak LE 5 and 7.5mm a lot for the planets, Jupiter and Saturn. For Jupiter and Saturn I prefer the Tak LE 5 and 7.5mm over XW, Abbe, XO eyepieces. I like the color rendering of the Tak LE on these two planets. The LE 5mm and 7.5mm are more comfortable to use then the XO, Abbe. On the moon not so much with the LE 5 and 7.5mm. The LE 30mm is much better in that regards, these are lovely eyepieces for binoviewing.
  11. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    Jeremy, your HR 2.4 should arrive tomorrow, looking forward to your first light, thanks The FS102 should take with ease the HR 2.4 mm. I use the FS102 with the HR 2mm and occasionally with the VIP barlow on the Moon. The XW 3.5mm is another excellent eyepiece which worked perfect yesterday, the views where calm. There was a occasionally little haze as Mike mentioned here as well. I think for the Moon even the HR 1.6mm would work nicely seeing permitting.
  12. Stardust1

    Vixen HR comfort

    Mike, I enjoyed reading your report! Tonight I observed the Moon as well with the Vixen HR 2mm and the FS-102NSV. The views were breathtaking, too much details to describe. I tried the Pentax XO 2.5mm as well, but that eyepiece is no where as comfortable as the Vixen HR. The XO shines on the planets, not so much on the Moon.
  13. Stardust1

    EP collection is complete... or is it?

    Nice collection! I really liked the Tak LE 5mm and the XW 5mm with the Tak 100mm refractor. You cant go wrong with these eyepieces.
  14. Stardust1

    Tak TSA102 v Tak FC-100DF

    No regrets Mike! In the end I kept the FS-102NSV of the bunch. The only regret that I have is letting the FC-100DF go, that scope is so portable. You had many nice scopes as well, in the end after having owned the FS152, FS128 you have settled on the FC-100DC. That scope just works for you in your situation. As the FS-102NSV works for me at my current situation. I'm sure if I lived in a different place my outcome would be different. If I would be living in a dark place then I would be happy with only my 16" dobson.
  15. Stardust1

    Tak TSA102 v Tak FC-100DF

    I sold the TSA102 and TSA120 as well in favor of the FS, DC, DF, DL.

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