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  1. I'm curious what your preference are, bino or mono and why? Do you see more with binoviewer then mono? Which objects (planets, moon, deepsky) are you observing. Are you using glasses when observing with bino or mono?
  2. The Mewlon 210 that I had gave stunning views. One night in excellent seeing, Saturn was razor sharp with 5mn eyepiece, that’s 483x magnification, will never forget that moment. Highly recommend!
  3. Adam, really nice comparison. Which camera did you use?
  4. For the planets and the Moon 5mm is my most used eyepiece. For comfort, no question about it, the XW 5mm hands down. When you want the extra pop and detail, one needs to get a little uncomfortable and reach for the XO 5.1mm. The XO is an amazing eyepiece, no eyepiece that I have tried comes close to the XO 5.1mm. The only eyepiece that was close to the XO 2.5mm was the Vixen HR 2.4mm. I haven't tried the Tak TOE, I'm waiting for a 4mm. Still the XO 2.5mm had a tiny more contrast compared to the HR 2.4mm with a FS-102NSV. The HR is more comfortable in use then XO, so there is a trade off. I tried three different focal lengths of the Tak Abbe, 12.5, 9, 6mm. These eyepieces didn't gave me the satisfaction to keep them around. They are not cheap, but they are also not that expensive compared to a ZAO. A few years ago I compared the Tak Abbe 9mm and a ZAO 10mm with my FS-102NSV. Among the objects that I observed was Saturn. The ZAO was a little sharper and the colors was more vibrant. The Tak abbe colors was more muted. The differences are small, but noticeable in a side by side test.
  5. My smallest scope is my most used scope, that is Takahashi Sky-90. Love this little scope, gives sharp views, it's compact. One needs to grow to love this scope. Bought a new Sky90 15 years ago, sold it within a year or three. After more then a decade of having tried different scopes, I have come to appreciate the strength and weak of different type of scopes. A few months ago I found a well cared used one, bought it immediately, it's a keeper. I use the little scope on a Tak Lapides or these days on AZ-GTi.
  6. Who will get one of the new Pentax XW 30mm and 40mm? Do these two eyepieces have a place in today's eyepiece market?
  7. Gerry, I haven't used the Nikon with a Paracor in the dob. I might look for a Paracor soon (as soon as I recoup from the docter ). Seeing Orion nebula at a dark site with the Nikon HW 17 in a 16" (F/5) dob is a unforgettable experience. A friend of mine was peaking through the Nikon, the only think that I heard from him is, I wan't one
  8. I have used the Esprit 150ED, build quality was good. Not the quality of the tier 1 (Tak, TEC, AP), but close. Sorry can't comment on the smaller sibling Esprit 80, but if it's as good as the 150ED, then it's a winner. Can't comment on the WO, I haven't used those. Good luck!
  9. If you want to stay with Ethos, I would add a lower power eyepiece to your list. Seeing the moon in a low power eyepiece is something to behold. It's stunning seeing small bright moon floating in space.There are some beautiful DS objects in low power eyepiece as well. My preference would be choosing the Ethos 21 over the 17. The 17 is close to 13. Or add 31 Nagler to the list. I have Nikon HW 17 and 13 Ehtos, and can say these two are close, even in my 400/2000 dobson. I for one have eyepieces from TeleVue, Nikon, Pentax, Vixen, Tak, Docter (soon to be), Zeiss. Love them all, each of these companies have some nice eyepieces. The Nikon NAV HW 17 gets more praises then the Ethos 17. The Docter 12.5 gets also more praises then Delos or Ethos. There are also a lot of happy users of Pentax XW 30 and 40. But I wouldn't mind having a box of Ethos only. But I'm glad that there more vendors out there. Good luck!
  10. I bought the Docter 12.5 from Astromarket.org, they work with Astroshop.eu: https://www.astromarket.org/oculairs/docter-uwa-ultragroothoekoculair-12-5mm-1-25l-2l/p,22974 I have bought in the past from Astromarket. Their after sale is top notch! They have solved all the issues that I had with items and are friendly and fast with communication. I looked for years for a used Docter, I didn't find one, glad you found one. The Baader pushfix adapter looks interesting, I will look in to that. But first I need to recover from the Docter
  11. Ever since the Docter eyepiece came out I wanted one. I finally broke and ordered one. It should be delivered within a few days. Gerry, Piero, thank you for your help!
  12. Gerry, Piero, thank you for the pictures! The Zeiss 20-75x and Doctor 12.5mm are now on my bucket list. Sadly the Zeiss 20-75x is Discontinued, I will keep my eye open for the used market. Are these two eyepieces close in performance to the ZAO? are they sharper and more contrasty then Tak abbe ortho? By the way how is the performance of the doctor with the Baader VIP? I have one as well, I like the VIP a lot, it's a versatile barlow.
  13. Thanks Gerry! Do you mean this Zeiss zoom: https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/812353_-okular-vario-d-15-45x-20-60x-zeiss.html I have never tried the Zeiss zoom, would love to try it. The focal length is great. What is the FOV across the range? I assume you would need an 1.25" adapter. Is the Zeiss zoom sharper then the Leica 25-50x WW? I have at the moment a pair of Tak LE 30 and one LE 7,5. I loved the LE 5 as well, but couldn't justify keeping it as I had already the XW 5, XO 5. The LE 5 sample that I had was sharper then XW 5 sample.
  14. I have had most of the eyepieces for years. The Eyepieces that didn’t work for me was the Tak Abbe ortho, I tried 12.5, 9, 6mm. They are for sure sharp, but the eye relief and the color representation didn’t work for me. I do love the Tak LE’s, love the color representation of these eyepieces. I foolishly traded a Zeiss ZAO 10, I compared the ZAO 10 with the Tak Abbe 9, the scope was FS-102, the color rendering of Zeiss was vibrant, there was a pop. Side by side the colors of the Tak Abbe looked flat.
  15. I bought most of my eyepieces new. If you wait long enough one can find used eyepieces as well. I would love to try the docter 12.5mm. I haven’t seen one used. What I like about the XW is they are like Swiss knife, they perform well, it doesn’t get fogged, which is very important to me, they are comfortable, and they can be used with glasses.
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