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  1. I'd given DFO the benefit of the doubt up until reading this thread where the one thing that really bugged me was hearing about others who also didn't get to see any of the promised performance data. That's a giant red flag for me. I thought this might have just been an oversight on Dave's behalf but now I'm suspicious of that and a few other things I've been told, such as the bad batch of bearings months after he gave you the same excuse. DFO's customer service after they've got your money is appalling.
  2. I think I'm just coming to the realisation that I've been scammed. Without getting into too much detail for now, let me just say that my experience with DFO mirrors many of the complaints that have been raised in this thread and then some. In particular, here are just some of the issues I had: 1) Communication - During the initial enquiry, sale of services and delivery arrangements, the response to communication was prompt. After that it was the complete opposite. Emails and Facebook messages went unanswered for days, and at times, weeks. I'm not talking about querying when the mount would be available either, they weren't even responding to queries about unrelated potential sales. I eventually had to call them and spoke to Dave directly who advised me that they had experienced an email problem. The thing is I was advised that the issue had to be rectified for each individual that was impacted, and in my case that had already been done before I had even called. What bothered me was that they supposedly found the four unanswered emails that had gathered over three weeks, fixed whatever the issue was, and then continued to not respond to my emails until I called their office directly. 2) Service time frames - DFO did not come close to meeting their advertised service time frames of 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, they gave me no indication whatsoever regarding what their current workload was. They did absolutely nothing to offset the expectation set by their own advertising, or provide any ongoing updates about the status of the job. When I called them, or on the odd occasion when they did respond to an email, I was always given the understanding that my mount was just undergoing final testing and would be ready to ship that week. When that did not happen I was given a number of different excuses, including one the OP was given about faulty bearings. It was supposedly a bad batch, but my job was months after the OPs. 3) Promises - During the initial enquiry I was made all kinds of promises about photos and graphs that would show how much my mount's performance had been improved. I am yet to see ANY of this despite demanding it. That's just the basic stuff. There's some more issues specific to my experience that I might cover at a later date, but I really wanted to say this to anyone looking at having DFO service their mount - If you've got an old mount that desperately needs servicing that you cannot do yourself to return it to factory like performance and you're prepared to be without it for up to three months or more, you might walk away from DFO as a satisfied customer. If, on the other hand, you are like me and are looking at squeezing out the absolute best performance you can and have been seduced by the promises of it performing like a more expensive mount, well, you will in most likelihood be better off just buying that more expensive mount. Dealing with DFO has most definitely been my most frustrating experience yet in this hobby and has only resulted in the loss of months and months of imaging time.
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