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  1. I have experienced this problem, I had achieved focus with a 5x Televue in day light using a distant object, but could not do so with Saturn. As James says, the field of view greatly reduces when adding a barlow, and in my case it was exactly the problem, I simply wasnt pointing at the target. I got around it by fine tuning/dialing in the finder scope to the best degree possible, then using it to re-find the target after knocking the scope about when fitting the Televue. It also helps to set the firecapture resolution to achieve the widest field of view possible to start with.
  2. Sorry I was having an issue with a corrupt file, example below
  3. Martoon


  4. Hi, I would say that 20s exposure time is at the very limit with an 18mm lens before the stars start to trail. If it were me I would crank it down to 15 to 18s to ensure that the stars are a little more pin point, and have a play with the ISO range, perhaps start at ISO800 if LP is washing your images out. The most obvious first check of course is that you have good focus, personally I use live view at x10 magnification, and manually focus on a bright star. Take a series of shots and stack them in deep sky stacker, you will be able to bring out some detail that way. The image below is comprised of 5 x 20s exposures at ISO800 with a 24mm lens on a full frame DSLR, then stacked as suggested above. I hope that this helps
  5. Hello and welcome. Let's hope that your new scope doesn't come with a free delivery of cloud cover as mine did
  6. I had the same dilemma recently, after similarly considering all of the above points (well covered by all) I went with the 6D. I have not regretted it in the slightest. The decision was based on it being fit for purpose, which it certainly is. As you say, the cost saving is enough to grab some nice glass to go with it too.
  7. Thanks Jake, I fully recommend the Powemate, it was worth every penny in my opinion. There is more detail to be had with a better focuser and more practice im sure, yet another item on my loooooong shopping list
  8. Thanks all, appreciate your comments
  9. Hi, After waiting patiently for a break in the weather I finally got a chance to capture an image of Jupiter. I didnt quite get the focus I wanted with the stock focuser proving to be a bit tricky, hopefully there will be better results when I upgrade. Skywatcher 120ED DS Pro NEQ6 Pro Synscan ZWO ASI120MC - 3000 frames, processed in registax Televue 4 x powermate Comments & advice welcome Cheers Jup_193806 - Copy.tif
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