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    astronomy , astrophotography , aeromodelling , adventurous sports, playing guitar, body building(not pro!) ....and much more ..... :D
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  1. Hola! .....welcome to sgl ! ............. clear skies!!
  2. hello and welcome to the forum ...... see ya round! ////// CLEAR SKIES //////
  3. ya ill try ....... and hey i live in india! ...... probably shipping the book would cost me more than the book itself! ......... anyways thanks
  4. hello and welcome to sgl! ..... clear skies!
  5. well thanks again jd. .... i was searching for that book ..... i am just not getting it!!! clear skies !!
  6. thank you ...thanks a lot ....that was really helpful! ...... one last thing...... is cmos better or its ccd ...because i hardly find any webcam with ccd sensor ...they are all with vga , cmos & hd sensor
  7. hello jd .... i am using a homemade 5 inch reflector right now on a sturdy equitorial mount ....... and as far as budget is concerned ummm...i would say less than 80$ ?!
  8. Any suggestions about what webcam to use for astrophotography! ........ i searched a lot but i could not decide between the one with cmos and one with ccd!.......i dont know if these two sensors are too different?..........anyways any advice? (ill be starting off with digiscoping lunar and other solar objects before buying a dslr and an apo refractor)
  9. any suggestions about doing astrophotography with a webcam??

    1. rowan46


      if you mean dso's you will need an lx modded one. the phillips spc 900 can be modded

    2. Astropheonix


      hello rowan , i dont think phillips manufactures spc's anymore! its not available here .....anything else?

  10. hello stargazer !! ....welcome to the forum .....c ya around!
  11. well thats a lot of stuff to get started with ....... well happy hunting ! clear skies
  12. i dont know exactly but dew shields only slow down the dew formation process though it wont stop it. For better results dew heaters or a dew heater strip may be used .....
  13. Hello astronurse ....... yes you can clean the dew of ur scope ( your scope's awesome ) but with a gentle hand!....you may also use a 120v hair dryer but that too on lowest settings! and no worries u can use the scope without the dew shield too and do some ap! clear skies
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