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  1. For reference, a lot of 'legit' UK suppliers are getting very tight on only supplying to registered companies. AndyG
  2. Interesting that the white on black causes issues (personally it doesn't seem to have kicked off my migraines). Interestingly, I think this is one of the few websites I use that actually goes any distance to conforming to DDA guidance for visual impairment! :-) AndyG
  3. When it's good, Seething is really good ... AndyG
  4. One thing I would add is that I assume your 12V incomer is the orange lead? If so, I'd check voltages on full load at the bus bar as if that cable run is "across the garden" you are probably getting a significant voltage drop. I'd be using a larger cable ... AndyG
  5. Rather than describe all ND5 as unsuitable apart from those described as "solar", the easiest way to check suitability of an ND5 is to look at the transmission curves. If it's true broadband and cuts IR and UV then it's ok, if it only cuts visual wavelengths then it is not. The filter data sheet is your friend. If the manufacturer cannot supply a full transmission data sheet the filter should be regarded as *not* suitable irrespective of what a supplier tells you. AndyG
  6. Channel "Yesterday" on Freeview has the building of FAST - the Chinese 500m radio telescope. AndyG
  7. I don't agree. The link you show uses energy from waste burning to concentrate CO2 but only to pump it into a greenhouse (or "deposit it on a filter", whatever that means) ... that is not necessarily efficient as the energy is required in the first place ... In addition your 'large scale' is only 900 tonnes per year - in reality 9 billion tonnes per year would be more appropriate and the energy input for that would be unsustainable ... As I said, until we have the ability to do it on relatively small scale on Earth we can't even consider doing it elsewhere. AndyG
  8. I'm not sure why there's even a discussion about terraforming mars. It is patently obvious that man is unable to control the environment on the Earth - its temperature or CO2 concentration - so how is man supposed to make significant but controlled driving change to an alien environment on a planetary scale? AndyG
  9. Not a direct answer but if you had a couple of dirt cheap, second hand filters you could cut off the threads, cut a couple of small notches to take the tips of a pair of screwdrivers or a lens spanner and turn them into 1 ¼" clamping rings. Run one up the tube, insert your filter/graticule/pin then fix in place with the second threaded ring ... Bit delicate but should work. AndyG
  10. Will it? The standard lens remains in place when using these devices so curvature of the presented focal plain should be optimum for the sensor. As I understand it the problem will only arise if that lens is removed. Or an I wrong ...? AndyG
  11. Have you tried a single polarising filter on the eyepiece? A mirrored surface in the light path (which I believe the PST has) will produce a polarised beam so a filter at the eyepiece can be rotated to vary the brightness ... Worth a try as it's completely non-invasive. AndyG
  12. I'd use Baader ... It gets good reviews almost universally. The ES polymer is similar to that marketed by two or three other manufacturers and it gets mixed responses. They're cheap enough products - perhaps you could make two different filters and do an unbiased comparison test here ... :-) AndyG
  13. A desilvered mirror is the basis of a Herschel wedge and there is a fairly successful solar newtonian experiment somewhere based on this idea so, theoretically, with a suitable ND filter it would probably be safe but without careful testing I wouldn't trust my eyes to it ... AndyG
  14. If you're going to Kelling, try Cley Spy at Glandford (see http://www.cleyspy.co.uk/ ) - even if they don't have anything they'll probably point you in the right direction. Just don't start looking around, the wallet complains! :-) AndyG
  15. Note that Baader Film *did* conform. This does not mean that the film has suddenly become more dangerous, just that the permissible UV exposure limit for the latest ISO standard has reduced (for whatever reason). AndyG
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