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  1. Yep as Jon says above, can get your car right to top of the hill, 360 degree view.....................
  2. Be buying shares in Maplin!..............just ordered 2........thanks
  3. Hi, Anyone local to Bristol [uk] take a trip to the Bristol Planetarium on a cold rainy night when all you see is cloud!!, they are having adult evenings through the winter all the details on their website https://www.at-bristol.org.uk/2679,, all been updated recently, Digital, 3D, 360 degree, 4k Utra High def, 7.1 sound was quite stunning, went along last night , only £7.00 in advance for each show .................worth the trip.
  4. Hi, Yes i agree it is possible to hear, if you google there are plenty scientific reasons of what you heard, back in August [no fireworks!!]i was out watching the perseid shower in my garden around midnight very very still and calm evening, twice i heard a distant `crackle` like a dying firework fizzing out as both had gone straight over my head [1 hour apart], very bright looked like a `garlic bulb` very short and sharp but very distinctive.............i was puzzled until i googled...............so well done think it is quite rare to hear............i was only going outside for 1/2 hour but ended up 3 hrs it does really grip you.
  5. Thanks for the tips and the link, much appreciated , think i have got my head round it, have ordered a couple prime lenses just need to practise................need some clear skies!!...................
  6. HI, Being a newbie just getting into my Astronomy, I am also keen to take some photo`s [new to this as well] of the night sky now the nights are getting longer & darker. Current kit is Celestron C5 f/10 on a vixen porta 11 mount, recently taken some photo`s of the moon which i found pretty straight forward as it was so bright and was quite chuffed with. Just bought a Canon 700d which has a EFS 18-55 lens as standard. Being a manual mount with no tracking i was going to use my horizon tripod with just the camera [no scope] assuming the most exposure time I will get is around 1/2-1 sec to take photo`s of any constellations etc. Wide angle lens is recommended, in most I have read Canon EFS 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens seems to fit the bill at a reasonable price + Canon have their winter cashback offer on till January. Before i splash out any more cash bit confused with f numbers, most mags etc recommend f/1.8 f/2 etc appreciate my camera is basic model but lowest f number i can see is f/4.5 in manual mode so not great light gathering i guess?. Am i wasting my time a bit, any hints or tips would be great.....................next step would be Vixen polarie or Baader Nano ]but what to crack the basics 1st...................thanks
  7. Check out the Horizon heavy duty tripod by skywatcher, i have used it for several months with my 15x70 celestron bino`s , solid, robust, heavy, gets excellent height with plenty to spare, sensible price..............sells in the uk for around £90-£100.
  8. Thanks will give it a go.............
  9. Can anyone advise pls, bought a Celestron Zoom eyepiece 24mm / 8mm in the summer, was a bit tight when you zoom up or down and you had to hold the diagonal but being new thought it would slacken up. Have been using recently and is still very stiff and not enjoyable to use, my friend has one and slides up and down with ease. Have been zooming in and out in the house to loosen it up dozens of times by hand not attached to scope but still tight. Anyone any ideas how to slacken off. With hindsight should have sent back but now it is now 4 months later......thanks.
  10. What i have done recently that works for me i just keep them in my deep jacket pocket and swop over with no issues and it has been quite `dewy` at night...................
  11. Nike


    Hi All, just recently taken up an interest in astronomy, now semi retired so have more time on my hands. Living in rural Somerset UK have some decent dark Skies locally. To get started have bought a Celestron C5 , easy to use and move as a grab & go and Vixen porta 11 mount. Just getting my head round it all, have had some really good clear nights recently from my back garden, actually found Andromeda last week so quite chuffed with myself but a long learning process about the sky above and how to read a star map!! All new to me so i guess will be asking loads of daft questions...................thanks for reading
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