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  1. Hello all, After using my goto dob with my powertank a few times, I want to make up a slightly different set-up. Currently, there is a constant need to move the tank around to stop the wire coiling around the base. I'm going to get a 12v 12ah gel battery which is small enough to sit on the actual base itself and then attach a 12v ciggie socket so the supplied cable can be used: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-VOLT-WATERPROOF-Cigarette-Lighter-POWER-Socket-car-van-motorbike-bike-12v-/271091062525?pt=UK_Lifting_Moving_Equipment&hash=item3f1e4956fd http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181207652406?var=480
  2. It's here! It's cloudy! It's my fault!....

  3. I have ordered myself a 10" Dob (Orion XT10g), which is f4.7. I am thinking about upgrading my eyepieces from bst starguiders to Explore Scientific 82°s. Apart from the increase in GOV, am I likely to gain much? And if so, what two focal lengths should I prioritise? The scope comes with a 2" 28mm and an illuminated 12mm. Thanks for any advice.
  4. "Is that not just the same as leaving the tube cover on but taking off that little round cap thingy or is a mask a completely different thing ? " That's what I was thinking. Is it not?
  5. Orion skyquest xt10G incoming!

  6. in pursuit of a big dob.....

    1. todd8137


      Ok once had that ,and ended up with a 16" beast !

  7. I would approach some local companies and enquire about getting something custom made. I don't think the cost would be huge.
  8. selling my imaging stuff - no time......

  9. Fantastic James, just what I need. When are they going into production?!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. A solution is in progress involving a few mild steel discs and a bolt from the dovetail. Very much like the counterweight kit. Will post pics when done.
  11. I must say, personally I'm very disappointed. I was expecting a real UFO pic, not some crazy loon fake....
  12. Moving to the Scottish Borders and experiencing dark for the first time. No street lights for 3 miles. So may stars and fuzzy patches I had to look closer.
  13. I got this message, even after I had increased the calibration steps. It turned out I had one of the settings incorrect and had to change to "on camera".
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