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  1. I recently decided to give the SynScan app a try on my new Orion XT10g. Now using the hand controller I was familiar with the "Brightest Star" and "Two-Star" alignments methods, indeed I always use the Two-Star method. With the app however I see that the Two-Star has been replaced with the level north two star. What is that? And since there's no manual for the app, what precisely does level north mean? I'm guessing that you level the OTA and point north but with what precision? Any idea why that replaces the Two-Star method from the hand controller? OK, so fine. I did the
  2. *** Update *** My new XT10g's hand controller's buttons are not always responding. The altitude buttons mostly don't work but every now and then they will kick in. Similarly the Enter key and menu up/down buttons are sporadic in their response. Orion sent me a new hand controller. The buttons seem less sloppy than the original one. Alas, this new one is giving me an error, saying it can't see either axis. Another call to Orion tech support and they were unable to provide a solution. They asked me to email their tech support team so I have and now I wait. In the meantime
  3. Not on the GoTo mounts. The Azimuth axis is "shrouded" with the encoders and motor so that there's no easy way to adjust it.
  4. I recently purchased an Orion XT10g which will be replacing my Evolution mounted EdgeHD 8 and a 10" Zhummel Dob. This scope will give me the extra aperture that the Zhummel has as well as the tracking and GoTo of the Evolution. I made a few upgrades before I took it out for its first night under the stars... Center spotted the primary with Catseye's Hotspot (already have set of their collimation tools) Installed Protostar FlockBoard along the full length of the tube Replaced the focuser with a Moonlight CR focuser Added a couple Farpoint lifting straps
  5. Has anyone compared these to Naglers or ES82s ?
  6. Indeed, I did get all I paid refunded to me. They asked me not to send the eyepiece back but rather to destroy it. I see now that they are about to re-introduce these. I'm hopeful.
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