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  1. Quite an interesting article in today's Guardian.
  2. Made the mistake of putting my Dob into a cupboard. Out of sight and out of mind. Dammit. Anyways, the universe is kind of scratching at me. feeling the need to spend hours in dark shivering on my own. >sigh<

    1. ghostdance


      Scratch the itch! A few minutes goggling in a rich starfield will be a soothing salve :) Welcome back, missed ya.

  3. Broken my right wrist - a fractured scaphoid, no less. Got a cast from knuckle to elbow, and moving the Dob outside is suddenly a big deal. Dammit.

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    2. Tinker1947


      Broke my left wrist some years back had to drive my manual gearbox car 26 miles through B-Road in Yorkshire to the hospital, ended up in the same sort of plaster, maybe get the Dob up and keep it covered for the next 6 weeks or so....

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      Time for a grab 'n' go setup then I reckon.

    4. Myopicus


      Yeah, cheers all. I've learned a valuable life lesson; sometimes you have to twist the bottle, not the corkscrew! x

  4. Going to take some time off of the Gazers lounge. I've realised that I spend more time typing than staring. See you all in the Autumn, when hopefully I might have some actual astronomical input to offer. Best wishes, and clear skies. xx mace.

    1. Mike73


      Take it easy Mace and when you come back don't forget your sketching pencils ;)

    2. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Best wishes, hope to see you back in the Autumn.

    3. ghostdance


      Happy trails Mace :) looking forward to hooking up again in August. You'll be missed!

  5. No Sasquatch tho. That's a good thing! (only joking - they don't exist)
  6. Er . . . is it a picture of the moon taken through the EP with an instagram type app? I like the camera obscura effect, however you have achieved it.
  7. Deer? Bear? I have absolutely no idea about the wildlife of Texas, if i'm honest. Perhaps just a random stick tapping person out for a late walk? Nah . . . nobody in America walks, surely? Love your blog tho, keep up the good work!
  8. Brilliant Avocette, I was looking for your post only yesterday. thanks for highlighting it again. m
  9. Yes, sadly. Weren't the police originally known as Peelers? How times have changed.
  10. That's a good call. I would have done the same. What was the tapping noise like - are you near trees? Urban? Rural?
  11. Myopicus

    G'Day From Aus

    Haha! Yeah, fair comment. We're lame!
  12. I have absolutely NO idea where the MOT line came from. That's very random and definitely not something I would type; it's obviously "an MOT" not "a MOT". I think I've been 'Swear Bypassed' and edited by Kal - it's possibly some sort of surrealist Mod type punishment?!. I'm not suggesting that anybody inviting anyone to anything should have that, especially not family and friend social stuff. But, for advertised events on public land with open access to the general public it is probably an idea to give it some thought.
  13. Myopicus

    G'Day From Aus

    Hi! You might have killer spiders and snakes and crocs and a rubbish football team, but back in the Mother Country we have this: Yew, the worlds deadliest . . . er . . . tree. Anyway, welcome to SGL!
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