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  1. I think I would leave out 6, if anyone is interested and missed it they could use the Q&A section.

    I would merge 1 and 5 together as they are linked, target object and size of lens used (whether camera lens or telescope) that way you get wide field in there as well. Here I would have sample images to show from a still from your wide field camera to a nebula in NB to a planet.

    Just a couple thoughts and agree what a wide subject to fit in to 40 minutes.


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  2. Don't worry when your water turns green. As you add plants that will grow to cover some of the surface and oxygentators the water will clear naturally. Just don't pot any plants into compost, ideally using poor quality garden soil is ok as it is heavy so wont floar to the wurface so easy especially with small pea gravel on top. You could 3D print your planting pots though perhaps as you can't use normal garden pots.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Gina said:

    Yes, I know, but the trouble then is that any creature that gets/falls into the pond can't get out.  What I could do is cover some of the edge but leave an exit route out of the pond.  Even add something better than the ramp on the south side of the pond form.

    Best to ensure somewhere on your pond is say pile of stones which goes from the pond shelf to the side of the pond.

    Hedgehogs could fall in and they will drown if they can not climb their way out up a shallow slope of stuff.

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  4. You don't need a lot of space, we can't fit a pond in the garden ground but have a pond bucket instead. It is small yet has brought frogs to the garden and is very relaxing to sit next too. The bucket is one of those garden buckets you see Monty using on Gardeners World.  We have frogs again this year and I am hoping the lily will flower.

    You will need to add an oxygenator I have used a British native one called starwort I bought cheaply delivered through the post (local garden centre had only the invasive non native species) and working with the lily pad leaves keeps the water clear and healthy. Lots of ramshorn snails in there and other interesting things. The duckweed gets fished out when it accumulates.


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