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  1. Hanimex used to make cameras. About 35 years ago, I had a 35mm compact camera for Christmas. It was a major upgrade from my little Halina 110!!
  2. I have two pairs: Miranda 10x50's that I purchased from Jessops to observe Hale-Bopp in 1996! They are battered and worn, but still work! Celestron Skymaster 20x80's. Got these a couple of years ago and I love them. I can happily hand hold them for fairly long periods. Best £100 I have spent!
  3. @happy-kat - yep, did that one about a fortnight ago!! Really enjoyed it.
  4. Another one of my images taken with the OU CoAST Telescope. This is a single colour shot of M57. Exposure time was 180 seconds. Was surprised how bright it was when the image came back. Just some contrast changes to darken the sky: Cheers Nige
  5. @Kimboman will do our best. Decision has been made to open them all in one go when the time is right. Its more cost effective than opening them a few hundred at a time!
  6. It's great when the young ones show an interest isn't it!!
  7. Hi all, So, at the start of January I was once again placed onto Furlough. Working as I do for Greene King Pub Company, it seemed inevitable! This time, for Lockdown 3.0, Greene King have really gone to town, with nearly 90% of the workforce on furlough. But this time of years is usually our quietest, so it makes sense I suppose. I work on the wider IT department (field based), and deal with pub refurbs and all that's shut down for now. I'm part of the 'start up' team, so when we get the nod from Boris that the pubs can open again, I will be pulled back to help get 2400 pubs open and trad
  8. Hi, Still on the look out for the enhanced motors for the EQ3-2 mount. Happy to consider just the basic motor sets as well! Thanks Nige (Derby).
  9. Thanks @peter shah. Like I say, single shot but quite a lot of detail. I chose the black and white option, as a few days prior my colour request didn't come out at all! I'm hoping to focus on either M51 or M101 and collect some more data. Then try some stacking! I think I only have use of the scope while I'm doing the course, so trying to make the most of it!
  10. Hi all Some may have seen my previous post (M13 & M104), and I have received a couple more images back through from the OU CoAST Telescope in Tenerife. These are again just single 3 minute exposures of M51 and M101, taken last night. No real editing again apart from some level tweaks in PS! I am going to start pulling data on just M101, and attempt some stacking to pull out more detail. Obviously, all I have done here is request the target via a web portal, set the exposure and filter types etc and pressed send! The telescope did the rest! No skill like the rest of you guys, but
  11. Speechless . . . . . stunning doesn't quite cover it.
  12. Hi all, First off, I'm a long term viewer of these image forums. Some of the images you all submit are truly amazing! I'm no where near able to take shots like this yet - don't even have a motorised mount yet, but I'm slooooowly saving up for one!! I have been furloughed for Lockdown 3.0, and while I sit with my son while he home schools, I have been working through various online courses. One of them is on the OU, and part of the course allows use of their COAST telescope in Tenerife. Its a 14" Celestron on a 10Micron GM4000 mount. Camera is a Proline KAF-09000. I have carried out a
  13. Bit of a bump! Will consider just a RA drive if anyone has one going spare!!
  14. Looking for a set of motors for my EQ3-2 mount. Will consider the standard and enhanced types! Thanks Nige
  15. D'oh! Just seen the date you intended to travel! Sorry this info was two days late!!
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