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  1. Apart from distinct reduction in planes as under the Gatwick flight path sadly local street light has not been reduced at all, I still had a very orange glow image when I took one last week in the garden. This would save councils valuable money at this time.
  2. A swirl of space floss, very nice. Are you using StarTools 1.6 version?
  3. I see you have a different thread where you are discussing what equipment you are considering, and keep an eye on the payload capability of what you are considering 3kg is a lot less than 5kg.
  4. There are other factors that influence the exposure length as it is a variable so we can't just say a figure. What mount are you using, is it static, does it track, is it equatorial. What are you using your canon with, it is a lens, is it a telescope, if either what is it and is the camera a DSLR.
  5. I had said already what the bias shutter speed would be. Iso, aim for the light histogram peak to be clear of the left hand side when viewing it for the exposure length being used.
  6. I'd assumed you had already done those. What equipment are you planning to use?
  7. Hi Bias same iso, same aperture, same focus,. fastest shutter speed, lens / telescope cap on Darks same iso, same aperture, same focus, same exposure length as lights, lens / telescope cap on Flats, same iso, same aperture, same focus, exposure so histogram light peak is in the middle, light source evenly distributed Dark flats as above for flats but lens / telescope cap on
  8. Could try Use a different card See if using eos utilities can connect
  9. That looks a tidy capture and the tail direction is evident
  10. If using StarTools then don't use any of the align channels you want the data as is. And if using StarTools there is a guide on that website on what DSS settings to use.
  11. Welcome Vixrn Npl 30mm really cheap at FLO right now. Do watch for eye relief size if you wear glasses.
  12. Last night the plan was to see if could grab something of Comet C/2019 Y$ Atlas but alas I missed it! Speed was the issue I did not want to get cold so went for gorilla tripod in back garden on a chair with Canon 1100d pancake 24mm lems at f4 ISO800 controlled using DSLR Controller on Android phone. Set the timelapse and took 170 30 second images plus calibration files. On the right were two arials and although out of frame the bottom left and right did have street lights just out of direct glare plus the air got quite misty. Just a crude process so could get it platesolved on Astrometry.net. All went to plan ................... except I forgot I needed Polaris at the bottom of the frame ... oops... so Comet missed. Here's a startrails process using StarStaX. If you know you will have field rotation so ... I worked with it.
  13. Two GIMP users are @alacant and @vlaiv perhaps one will see your post.
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