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  1. GrahamJ


    Thanks one & all. & happy xmas
  2. GrahamJ


    Ihave heard the ISS is well seen tonight, does anyone know wherev& when?
  3. I went to the auction. It went for £300 more than I wanted to pay as I already have 2 scopes, needed to be a real bargain for me to bid.
  4. I suppose I have left myself open to being gazumped by you guys,I'll vo to the auction & see what happens.
  5. Peter Wilson auctions Nantwich lot376 check it out
  6. That looks like the exact scope. The mount is differant
  7. It has an 11" mirror the tube is roughly 18" its on an equatorial mount looks impressive. Thats all I can add realy
  8. I popped into our local auction house this morning as I often do,& they had what they describe as 11 1/4" star diagonal a celestron. Guide price £50 £70. I don't know these scopes but it looks ok mount eye piece & finder. The mirror looks a bit dirty but nothing too bad does anyone have any opinions,
  9. I have a pair of Hilkinson 8/56 Japanese bins, superb optics. Also 20/80 strathspey, not had them long so not used much, seem pretty good though.
  10. Cheshire, I'm in Cheshire, what a small world.
  11. Just got back from rural France. Skies realy dark, 1st time I have seen milky way in years. Makes you realize what your missing.
  12. Thanks for all your feedback. By the way the 4" I refered to was a Tal 100rs not binos, sorry for any confusion. But I have just got some 20x80 strathspey, they seem fine but cloud prevents a serious appraisal.
  13. Obviously I mean people not props sorry.
  14. I have seen comments on this site regarding binoculars where props say 80mm is probably nearer 70mm,could someone explain this, & if this is the case is 50mm not nearer 40mm. I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me. Also I am sure when I looked at the Orion nebula through my 4" refractor, I saw a greenish hue, a fellow astronomer assured me this is not possible who's correct?
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