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  1. Be curious to see if it functions well on DSO applications. Been looking at an easy beginning to astrophotography. This may be a good option.
  2. Great contrasts love the jupiter shot. Keep it up.
  3. Nice to see someone is getting nice views. Venus and jupiter are so close to the horizon coming up on their conjunction I can barely make out jupiters bands. Venus appears more as a quivering blob. Lovely image.
  4. Phone captured the crescent of the moon! I may have to rethink the limits of what i can take with my smartphone.
  5. I have yet to resolve the cassini division to degree anywhere near this great inages thanks for sharing.
  6. Looks great, progress up to the monster full size i hope you reach.
  7. Inspiring images currently ive been only using my new edgehd 800 for visual but everytime i see a post like this i get closer to dropping my wallet all together on a good camera.
  8. I currently have been using the luminos 15mm with my 8" edgehd scope. I have been nothing but impressed with this combination. However, the luminos series have been stated by celestron to be designed to work with flatfield slow scopes. So i assume this pairing will probably give the best luminos experience you can get. I have a 10mm coming in the mail so we will see if it performs as admirably.
  9. I dont have a picture at the moment but i have a pelican 1400 case. Fantastic case and incredibly versatile. Was originally a case used for high quality amplifier tubes. Which can bd very fragile. Coming in all sizes pelican cases are a great option.
  10. Dumb question i shiuld really learn to read the whole post. Sorry haha. Keep up the great shots man.
  11. Great timing on these photos. What camera was used for these pictures? Just curious
  12. I can promise ill be looking forward to your future images. Excellent shots.
  13. By the sounds of things if i want tos ee the milky way its just fingers crossed for a power outtage sad that so many people have never been able to appreciate what i assume is a great wonder.
  14. Im curious of how fast the influence of a cities lights can be left behind. I currently live in a dense and brightly lit city of 500000+ population and light pollution is a serious issue. However, i am moving to a city of under 150000 in a couple months. My question is how far must you go to see noticeable reductions in light. Such as how far to see milky way with naked eye? A site i sadly say has never been presented to me in my current area. Also, will a city population and size difference of this magnitude have an effect? Or is 150000 still to bright to see any comparitave improvements.
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