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  1. Just a quick image of the friday nights moon interacting with clouds. //Johan
  2. This was a really beautiful and rare sunset with the Sun and sky turning red. 70ED + Canon Eos 1100D //Johan L
  3. Nice to see some activity again on the Sun. A bit turbulent atmosphere today but with some patience the image turned out okey. The sun has been crackling with small B-class flares and it looks like I caught a little bit of one of them in white light? 80ED + Skyris 274 Click on the image for full res (2150x2150) //Johan
  4. First solar image for this year after a long winter! Looks like I was lucky to catch some small AR on the otherwise quiet Sun. 80ED + Skyris 274 //Johan
  5. This really was a fantastic sight! The show looked amazing in the 15x70 binos. //Johan
  6. This afternoons Sun, finally some spots and a clear sky 80ED + skyris 274. Drizzle 1.5x. Click on the image for full res. //Johan
  7. Lovely sky this evening and the atmosphere was surprisingly steady! 3 pane mosaic. Click on the image and open in a new window for full resolution at 2000x3000 pixels. 80ED + skyris 274 //Johan
  8. Clear evening with acceptable conditions, a bit turbulent but not too bad. I had the moon in view from my balcony and thought I should have a go. One with the camera in primary focus of the 80ED and one mosaic with a ~2x barlow. The mosaic image is really pushing the resolution capacity of the little 80mm scope, but I think the image has a natural look to it that I like. //Johan
  9. Just a little animation from 180208 and 180209. Tried it just for fun, but it would of course be much better with more frames during the day to see the development of the ARs. Interesting too see how much the ARs change in just 24 hours. 80 ED + skyris 274 //Johan
  10. Blue sky this afternoon Great to see some activity. 80ED + skyris 274 //Johan
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