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  1. Are Quarks still coming to FLO? I don’t suppose you’d be starting with them during the depths of winter ...
  2. Im suprised noone has questioned whether getting a 12" f4 scope is a good first scope - a 8" f6 dob costs peanuts and is easy on the eps and will show you plenty and could save you a lot of cash.
  3. Watching sunlight creep down the side of my shed towards HEQ5 & lunt 35. Working from home today, what could go wrong...

    1. Joseki


      .. & that would be cloud. Just enough clear sky to waste the morning.

  4. Sun all morning. Now the delivery guy is getting closer with my new Lunt 35 it's gone all cloudy :) probably for the best on a work day.

  5. Just ordered a TV 5x powermate. Good for lunar, bad for the Ha scope saving plan. :)

  6. ...rings not rinds thankfully

  7. In Astroboot heaven! Just ordered a new 200p-ds ota with rinds and dovetail for 58% current retail price. Does it get better? my wife talked me into it :)

  8. Gerd Neuman phenolic tube finally arrived (for my 10" F6.4) and painted with a first coat of undercoat. Primary and secondary mirrors attached to spider and cell with aquarium adhesive. Servo, timing pulleys and timing belt ordered for autofocuser (for my short tube 90mm). Busy day!

  9. Joseki

    Crazy spending

    Well they say start with the mount. - I got a AZ4 which I like and an Altair Astro 150 newt, which I also like. I also got fed up with ATM and not having much luck finding things, so I applied and got a 0% interest card and just bought a AZEQ6. - so spending ratio of scope to mount is almost exactly 1:10. Crazy. - but good. - but not as nice as saving up the cash for one up front (which I most likely would fail to do).
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