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  1. Are Quarks still coming to FLO? I don’t suppose you’d be starting with them during the depths of winter ...
  2. Im suprised noone has questioned whether getting a 12" f4 scope is a good first scope - a 8" f6 dob costs peanuts and is easy on the eps and will show you plenty and could save you a lot of cash.
  3. I dont generally bother with the screw in handle - just move the ota - a much longer lever with a frac. Also balance has to be spot on so you dont need to overtighten the bearings. But then for high mag observing I'd always set up my tracking mount.
  4. If youre ever tempted to get a binoviewer the 1.25" would actually be better for reaching focus with the ed100.
  5. Hi, I dont have one but did briefly have a azeq6 (& regret selling that now). Anyway in az mode, no you don't (can't due to how its set up in az mode) polar align the mount, you just plonk the mount down, & sync the goto with a 1,2 or 3 star alignment (or if you bought the starsense accessory let that do its thing).
  6. Fitting your tal newt with a curved vane spider could be a very low cost solution.
  7. My cable arrived today too, it seems like a very nicely made cable thank you. I'm looking forward to trying it out
  8. Hi, how long are these valid for? i.e. once bought how long do you have to spend them? (I was just thinking of saving up for something by stockpiling vouchers). cheers, John
  9. PM sent, thanks , bit late to the party (as always) but that's a fab gesture either way
  10. Hi, that's a fantastic amount of scope for £40, it'll make a fab Christmas present. Sounds like you've already done your research aligning/collimating the mirrors and setting up the finderscope. Not having had a Tal1 I can't say for certain about your questions but my guess would be: 1) to help collimating the mirrors - i.e. put it in the focuser and adjust the secondary mirror so the crosshairs meet on the center of the primary mirror. 2) I think so - it'd make sense I guess. 3) An eye cup might help or be nice but is not essential (and might be tricky to source anyway). 4) You won't need a screw cap, or end caps for the finder (unless you get a proper solar filter and start pointing the scope at the Sun). 5) no problem keeping it in an unheated outbuilding if dry.
  11. Hi, I used a lazy susan on my 10" diy dob base but I also have a 130p heritage and I don't think I'd put a lazy susan on that - it doesn't seem to need it as it's a lot lighter. - I just had a go moving the 130p and it rotates smoothly on three teflon pads. The wobble with the lazy susan, like furrysocks2 mentioned would drive me a bit nuts on a lighter scope. If your scope's rough in the azimuth before trying the lazy susan solution maybe you should take the base apart and check that the teflon pads are dirt free and the pins/staples used to secure the pads are below the level of the teflon - i.e. they're not gouging the top part of the base.
  12. I'm pretty sure the official Daystar recommendation is that for 120mm you just need to use a uv/ir rejection filter as the ERF before the Quark- not an expensive front fitting ERF job - I did try this myself once with an Evostar 120mm f8 scope + Quark which was fine.
  13. Yep as above it depends on what the OP wants to image. Lunar & planets the xbox 360 webcam doesnt take much modding to convert and costs about £5 on ebay. If wallet friendly means up to £100 then like others said, imo either a 2nd hand zwo camera or qhy 'webcam' is better or canon 1000d for dso (which would then need t-ring and possibly other adapters).
  14. Glad to see Astroboot UK back up again postage is increased but I don't think you can begrudge them that. Back to many happy diversions browsing their site.
  15. I don't know of anything specific but it should be possible to track down a replacement from outside the astro market, e.g. I came across something sort of similar here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Pieces-25mm-Mount-Hole-Plastic-Cable-Harness-Protector-Snap-Bushing-Plugs-/191601146120?hash=item2c9c517908:g:ttAAAOSwZJBX~LGZ
  16. Hi, good luck with your scope - & rather than worry you got a lemon be pleased you didn't get one of the nightmare toy telescopes that pop up in various popular supermarkets or toy shops As well as posting on this forum (e.g. photos and "where does this bit go?" etc) you might want to get in touch with York astro society. They have public events and if you turned up with it I reckon you'd have a good chance that someone would be happy to give you some hands on demonstrations. Also, they may be able to help you get the mirrors into proper alignment - which it probably needs. http://yorkastro.org.uk/events/
  17. Well the eu site is selling the same 130mm f5 set with chipped secondary thats been on the uk site for ages(yes it was a daily browse for me), so other than some legal definition of commercially seperate and a pile of hypothetical paperwork I don't see how they can be seperate. They should man up about it rather than leave the redirection page promising "exciting changes" if thats whats going on - I can't see how they benefit from being dishonest.
  18. A good website to look at is this one: http://www.reinervogel.net/index_e.html?/Plattform/Plattform_e.html which also have some templates available to help you construct one. Also, on that site is a link to the eq platform yahoo group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eqplatforms/ which in addition to being helpful for advice also host a number of documents on eq platform construction/design. edit: and at the bottom of that first website are links to a whole range of other diyers and commercially available eq-platforms.
  19. Since you've bought a copy of "Make every photon count" you should already know - "mount, mount mount" as the starting point for any AP rig. HEQ5 is a great mount for the money (not to be confused with the EQ5). What scope you stick on the top of it is secondary though since "Make every photon count" came out the skywatcher 130pds newt has gained popularity but HEQ5 + ED80 is the classic choice. ED100 is a nice scope (but a bit slow) though for visual you've got your 8" dob which will out perform it visually anyway.
  20. Agree with Peter, good track record being the key thing though. Also I just came across a post on SolarChat! forum from Astrograph that they've completely "ceased to be a Daystar dealer, for reasons I won't go into here" .
  21. In the UK at least, whilst there are a number of retailers who still stock them (widescreen centre & 365 astronomy) there's also been at least two retailers who've stopped stocking Quarks - obviously scsastro but also I noticed astrograph no longer list Quarks (though I don't know if that's temporary I would have thought they wouldn't have completely removed them from their website). Not good to speculate on why that is but it's a bit of a worry. Having owned and experienced the faults - which were faults not my inexperience & months of delays in shipping the product back and forth to Daystar, I'd say definitely get one but only if you can find a local retailer who will properly check it first and sort out any hassle if your Quark has or develops a problem. Personally I'd not buy 2nd hand unless I really trusted the seller or could get hands on experience before handing over cash.
  22. I just downloaded the sao.dat file. .dat format just stands for data as I understand (& use) it. Rename it as sao.txt if you want or you can just open it as a plain text file in any text editor (emacs works fine for example). Line 1 contains: 1 0 0 5.097-0.0083 4 5.636101885.1+824141.82+0.002 4 41.70121887.1 2699.9 7.2A0 14 101000070 3BD+82 748 2250190 30.00037068 1.44329914 0 241.650-0.0097+825823.52-0.0040.01175552 1.44815553 with the contents described in the Readme file.
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